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Past Honors Theses

2022 - 2023

  • Megha Chouthai: "How Does Distorting Movement Through an Environment Affect the Perception of its Shape?"
  • Yufei Ge: "Investigating the Influence of Social Bonds Upon Coorperative Risk Assessment in Rats" 
  • Jaden Huynh: "Potential Electroencephalogram Treatment Responsive Biomarkers in Obessesive Complusive Disorder" 
  • Shane Johnson: "An Analysis on Pesticide Exposure and Iron Overload in Parkinson-like Disorders"
  • John Ratliff: "Temporal Dynamics of Serotonergic Modulation in the Olfactory Bulb During Olfactory Perceptual Learning"
  • Luke Sztajnkrycer: "Manipulating Memory & Decision via Temporarily Related Cues"
  • Lulu Tong: "The Ventral Hippocampus & Medial Prefrontal Cortex Projection in the Retention of Spatial Working Memory"
  • Jingyue Xu: "CA1 & Subiculum Object-centered Encoding of Self-Location in Landmark-based Navigation"
  • Luowen Yu: "Rhythmic Coordination of Spatial Associative Memory Processing in Rat Dentate Gyrus" 

2021 - 2022

  • Jonathan Ahern: "An Analysis of the Effect of Common Inflammatory Diseases on Fluid Intelligence and Numeric Memory using UK Biobank" (PDF)
  • Alara Brashears: "Transplantation of Healthy Human Glia as a Therapeutic Treatment for Rett Syndrome" (PDF)
  • Lehan Li: "Analysis of Extended Multitask Learning Model on Facial Pain Evaluation" (PDF)
  • Olivia Michael: "Provider Factors Associated with Motivation for Training in Autism Evidence-Based Practices" (PDF)
  • June Stancil: "Bubble Production in Bottlenose Dolphins" (PDF)
  • Baojun Tang: "Association between Resting-State Oscillatory Activity and EEG Marker of Temporal Processing" (PDF)
  • Luiza Tanoue Troncoso Peres: "Assessing Risk-taking Behavior in Children’s Investments" (PDF)
  • Tara Tripathi-Sakar: "The Limits of the Circadian Clock Driving Food Anticipatory Activity in Mice" (PDF)
  • Ruoxi Wang: "Encoding the Past, Present, and Future of Self-motion in the Rat Posterior Parietal Cortex" (PDF)
  • Jane Yang: "Communication Understanding of Physical Dynamics in Natural Language" (PDF)
  • Justin Yang: "Rearranging the Environment to Facilitate Visual Search" (PDF)
  • Julia Yu: "What, When, and Where: Phase Precession in Different Sized Fields" (PDF)

2020 - 2021

  • Sagarika Alavili: “The Biasing of Auditory Working Memory by Similar Distractors” (PDF)
  • Luis Alvarez: “How Trust Impressions Influence Economic Choices” (PDF)
  • Jane Collier: “Effectiveness of Mindfulness for Marginalized Groups” (PDF)
  • Christopher Heyman: “Associative Memory and Rhythmic Processing” (PDF)
  • Olivia Jeffris: “Factors Associated with Individual Differences in Reading Performance of 10 Year Olds” (PDF) (video)
  • Yingzi Jin: “Witnessing Discussion and Students' Engagement in Online Class” (PDF)
  • Geoffrey Lizar: “A Garden Full of Angry Bees: Effects of Context on Emotional Valence” (PDF) (video)
  • Natalia Menéndez: “Designing for Dementia: Insight from Cognitive Neuroscience" (PDF) (video)
  • Elizabeth Peek: “Free or Freeze: Prosocial Behavior, Stress and the Microbehaviors of Freezing" (PDF)
  • Cherisse Tompkins: “The Relationship between Type 1 Hereditary Hemochromatosis and ADHD symptoms within Adolescents using Mental Health Assessments and Neuroimaging” (PDF)
  • Monica Van: “Memes and Math Instruction” (PDF) (video)
  • Zhuojun Ying: “Maternal Context of Infant sensorimotor Decoupling: A Longitudinal Study Across Months 4, 6 and 9” (PDF)
  • Cathy Zhang: “The effect of priority state of working memory content on its vulnerability to interference” (PDF)

2019 - 2020

  • Liu Can: "Restructuring Of The Cognitive Map Under Environmental Search" (PDF)
  • Dylan Delmar: "Investigating Peripheral and Central Inflammation in Individuals with PTSD and Military Sexual Trauma" (PDF)
  • Yueying Dong: "The Effect of Music on Reading Comprehension" (PDF)
  • Xirui He: "Analysis of Event-Related Potentials in Sarcasm Comprehension" (PDF)
  • Alex Liebscher: "Effects of Battle and Journey Metaphors on Charitable Donations for Cancer Patients" (PDF)
  • Anton Preis: "Does Labelling Preinventive Forms Cause Functional Fixedness?" (PDF)
  • Christina Ruiz-Mendoza: "Co-Orientation in Bottlenose Dolphins ( Tursiops truncatus )" (PDF)
  • Shreya Sheel: "Segmenting in Multimedia Learning" (PDF)
  • Yuezhou Sun: "Dictionary Interface for Neural Word Segmentation" (PDF)
  • James Taniguci: "Environmental Search: Reconstruction of the Cognitive Map Relative to Spatial, Temporal, and Geometrical Frameworks"
  • Haimei Yu: "The Effects of Psychiatric Traits on Face Perception" (PDF)

2018 - 2019

  • Wenlong Zhao: "A Thorough Examination of the RACE Machine Reading Comprehension Task" (PDF)
  • Marisa Grams: "Rhythmic Coordination between the Dentate Gyrus (DG) and CA3 During a Spatial Pattern Seperation Task" (PDF)
  • Kevin Tan: "Mental Simulation with Self-Supervised Spatiotemporal Learning" (PDF)
  • Jinrui Lyu: "The Role of the Subiculum in Mapping Hidden Reward Structure" (PDF)
  • Austin Gallagher: "Hippocampal Remapping During a Reward-Oriented Spatial Task" (PDF)
  • Ya-Ning Wu: "Sound Symbolism and Size Perception" (PDF)
  • Hazel Leung: "Understanding Factors Affecting Undergraduate Office Hours Attendance Rates in Higher Education" (PDF)
  • Fiona Cisternas: "Using Ultra Wideband Technology to Improve Field and Experimental Tracking Methods" (PDF)
  • Theodoros Kapogianis: "Distinct relationships derived from dimenstionality in Dentate Gyrus" (PDF)
  • Qiwei Dong: "Developing and Implementing a Closed-Loop Sharp Wave Ripple Detecetion and Stimulation Algorithm in the CA3 Hippocampal subregion" (PDF)
  • Yinghao Li: "Supervised Spike Sorting Using Deep Convolutional Siamese Network and Hierarchical Clustering" (PDF)
  • Kevin Artigan: "Theracurmin: An Antioxidant and its Protective Effect on Hippocampal Neurogenesis" (PDF)

2017 - 2018

  • Priyanka Dasgupta: "Designs for Understanding Empathy in the Rodent Brain" (PDF)
  • Isaac Fehr: "Beyond the Desktop: A new look at the Pad metaphor for Information Organization" (PDF)
  • Astha Mehta: "Robots for Cognitive Wellness" (video)
  • Manavbir Sahani: "Creativity in Prototyping" (PDF)
  • Robert Walter: "Differentiating the Components of Visual Short Term Memory with Proactive Interference" (PDF) (video)
  • Madeleine Yu: "Late Mandarin-English Bilingual's Perception of Self-Produced Non-Native Speech Sounds" (PDF) (video)
  • Hanwen Zhang: "Embodied and Distributional Contexts of Verb and Pronoun Usage in Mother-Infant Interactions" (video)
  • Ni Zhen: "Temporal Interactions Between Alpha and Gamma Neurofeedback Training in Schizophrenia" (PDF)
  • Tamara Zubatiy: "Designing a User Interface for Real-Time Master Hearing Aid Which Uses an Open Speech Platform" (PDF) (video)

2016 - 2017

  • Leanne Sturman: "Visual Processing using the Attentional Blink Paradigm in Individuals with Autism" (PDF)

2015 - 2016

  • Desiree Chu: "Parietal Cortex and Hippocampal Contributions to Rule-Based Spatial Fragmentation" (PDF)
  • Alyssa Ioannou: "The Role of Imitation in Social Cognition of Bottlenose Dolphins" (PDF)
  • Shuying Yu: "Role of the Hippocampus and parietal cortex in Rule-Based Environmental Fragmentation" (PDF)

2014 - 2015

  • Michael Belcher: "Exploring Serial Decision Bias in a Parole Context" (video)
  • Wednesday Bushong: "Influence of Form and Motion Information on Biological Motion Prediction" (video)
  • Danielle Jacques: "Iconic Reference by Combinatoric Structuring of Signature Whistles in Bottlenose Dolphins" (video)
  • Akila Kadambi: "Unconscious Processing of Complex Social Biological Motion" (video)
  • Amanda Kelley: "Mechanisms of Novel Verb-Argument Construction Acquisition" (video)
  • Andrea Nishimi: "Exploring the Effects of Metaphorical Gesture on Comprehension and Memory" (video)
  • Emon Shakoor: "Correlational EEG study between love, attachment, and the mirror neuron system" (video)

2013 - 2014

  • Katherine Anne Albrecht: "Effect of Tone Duration on Detection of Pitch Contour Alerations" (PDF) (video)
  • Shelby Anne Cohantz: "Hippocampal Mapping of Environmental and Route Spaces" (PDF)
  • Ram Anand Dixit: "Cognitive Ethnography of Nurse Triage at a Health Clinic" (PDF) (video)
  • Maria Noelle Valila Florendo: "Social Effects of Form and Motion on Cues of Attention" (PDF) (video)
  • Akash Sarang Jagannathan: "Effects of Mindfulness Meditation on Emotional Reactivity ans Self-Association with Emotional Stimuli" (PDF)
  • Melody Sun Kim: "Designs on Mobility: Contexts and Use of Mobile Phones Among the Homeless Adult Community" (PDF)
  • Yasmine Firenze Kotturi: "Basal Forebrain's Role in Procedural Learning" (PDF) (video)
  • Daniel Abraham Maryanovsky "Blocking Effects in Semantic Access" (PDF)
  • Lucas Medeiros De Paula: "Priming Experiment Investigating Lignuistic Aspect and Construals of Infinity"
  • Edward Nguyen: "Electrophysiological correlates of Unconscious Biological Motion" (PDF) (video)
  • Ashley Noelle Reese: "Lateralized Eye Use in Bottlenose Dolphins at the Brooksfield Zoo, Chicago" (PDF) (video)
  • Rebecca Ann Roseman: "Compuational Cross-Linguistic Comparison of Emotion Detection in Linguistic Utterances (PDF)
  • Kendall Maureen Youngstrom: "Learning with Interruptions: Representing Past Computer Activity for Recall of Learned Procedures" (PDF) (video)
  • Sandra Anne Zerkle: "How does Iconicity Affect Sign Learning?" (PDF) (video)

2012 - 2013

  • Sarah D'Angelo: "The Transition to Digital: Documentation Practices In Early Childhood Development" (PDF) (video)
  • Radhika Gosavi: "Embodied Cognition and Sex Differences in Single versus Combined Tasks During Visual Tracking and Emotion Recognition"
  • Julie Avanzino: "Individual Differences in Speed of Auditory Processing and Language Comprehension and Production in Young Children" (PDF) (video)
  • David Welch: "Hierarchical Neural Networks" (PDF) (video)
  • Matthew Wynn: "Verbal Self-Instuction and Differential Cognitive Styles: Evidence from Task Switching Paradgms" (PDF) (video)

2011 - 2012

  • Alric Althoff: "Online Tensor Factorization for Feature Selection in EEG" (PDF) (video)
  • Matthew Hong: "Multimodal Cues For Desktop Workspace Interaction: Microanalysis of Active Reading Behaviors"
  • Sofia Jimenez: "The effect of language ability on speaker identification" (PDF) (video)
  • James McCloskey: "Multi Input Sensing Table" (PDF) (video)
  • Jeremiah Palmerston: "Mapping of Self-Motion Information in the Posterior Parietal Cortex" (PDF) (video)
  • Clarice Robenalt: "Event Memory in Spanish-English Bilinguals" (video)
  • Rana Tabrizi: "Examining auditory preferences in children with autism" (PDF)
  • David Tingley: "Analysis of Basal Forebrain and Parietal Cortex Neurons During a Selective Attention Task" (PDF) (video)
  • Jennifer Wu: "Spatial Representation of Sequential Time in Mandarin - English Bilinguals" (PDF)

2010 - 2011

  • Klee Bragger: "Manipulating Space - Time Mapping" (PDF)
  • Angela Chan: "Biological Motion as a Cue for Attention" (PDF)
  • David Conant: "Features of Social and Geometric Images and their Effects on Eye Gaze Patterns in Toddlers with Autism" (PDF)
  • Amanda Legge: "Representing Audio Narrations of Photos" (PDF)
  • Kristin Muench: "Word Learning Under Accent Variability in Monolinguals and Bilinguals" (PDF)
  • Eric Weiss: "Emulating Brightness Illusions with Factored 3-Way Boltzmann Machines" (PDF)
  • Garlen Yu: "Intelligent Adaption Across Space" (PDF)

2009 - 2010

  • Jake Feldman: "Empathy and the Mirror Neuron System: An Electroencephalographic Study" (PDF) (video)
  • Brendan Jonesrebandt: "Event Segmentation in the Wild" (PDF) (video)
  • Nastasha Tan: "Less May Mean More: Understanding How Different Life-Logs Support Our Memory for the Past" (PDF) (video)