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Glushko Honors Winners

Each year the Cognitive Science Department selects at least two outstanding Honors Theses to receive the Robert J. Glushko Prize for Distinguished Undergraduate Research. The winners receive a cash prize.


  • Evalie Rehor: "Neurons and Navigation: How Single Cells in the Brain Map Our Environments" (LinkedIn)
  • Cassidy Lu: "Correlating Neural Activity with Natural Environmental Features from Video Footage of Freely Moving Patients"
  • David Wu: "The relationship between production and perception in a speaker's second language" (LinkedIn)
  • Brandon Kao: "Exploring the Impact of User-Mirroring Chatbot Personas Driven by Large Language Models on Reducing Loneliness in Speech and Text Interactions"


  • John Ratliff: "Temporal Dynamics of Serotonergic Modulation in the Olfactory Bulb During Olfactory Perceptual Learning"
  • Shane Johnson: "An Analysis on Pesticide Exposure and Iron Overload in Parkinson-like Disorders"
  • Luke Sztajnkrycer: "Manipulating Memory & Decision via Temporarily Related Cues"


  • Julia Yu: "What, When, and Where: Phase Precession in Different Sized Fields" (PDF)
  • Alara Brashears: "Transplantation of Healthy Human Glia as a Therapeutic Treatment for Rett Syndrome" (PDF)
  • Ruoxi Wang: "Encoding the Past, Present, and Future of Self-motion in the Rat Posterior Parietal Cortex" (PDF) (recording)
  • Justin Yang: "Rearranging the Environment to Facilitate Visual Search" (PDF) (recording)


  • Christopher Heyman: “Associative Memory and Rhythmic Processing” (PDF)