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Featured Graduate Student Awards (2020-2021)

Grad Division Cota-Robles

Cota Robles Fellowship program is motivated by the campus's commitment to be fully inclusive and supportive of all students, and by the belief that a diverse graduate student body enhances the quality of the educational experience for all students. Cota Robles Fellowship is based on outstanding academic merit for the field.


smallfain.pngMatthew Fain


smallacosta-kane.pngDaniel Acosta-Kane


Grad Division San Diego Fellowship

Fellowships are one of the best ways to fund your graduate education. Fellowships can free you from employment obligations, cover a portion of tuition, and provide funds for international travel. Search here for more information about some of the fellowship opportunities available to UC San Diego graduate students. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about fellowships, please contact


smalldamico.pngAlessandro D'Amico

PhD Student


Trent Simmons

JDP Student


Grad Division SEED Fellowship

SEED Fellowships are awarded to nominees who received an associate, bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree from a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), an Historically Black College or University (HBCU), or a Tribal College or University (TCU) and who have overcome adversity as evidenced by having overcome barriers such as social, educational or economic backgrounds, and/or demonstrate a commitment to diversity or increasing educational access for underrepresented students.

Abigail John

JDP Student

Grad Division Tribal Membership Initiative

The Tribal Membership Initiative is administered by the UC San Diego Graduate Division and aims to increase diversity by providing fellowships to incoming graduate students of Native American, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian ancestry. These groups’ federal and state recognition depends not on their racial or ethnic designation, but on the political designation as enrolled members of a community to which the state has a political arrangement that includes responsibilities and obligations.

Christina Sen

JDP Student

Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa (CARTA)

The Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa (CARTA) is an Africa-based, Africa-led initiative to rebuild and strengthen the capacity of African universities to locally produce well-trained and skilled researchers and scholars. The program addresses an important challenge facing the African academy i.e. the scarcity of a robust research and training infrastructure capable of offering the type of vibrant and sustained doctoral training necessary to attract, train and retain the continent's brightest minds. CARTA is structured to fast-track the career development of the next generation of academics; build communities of fellows and mentors; reduce their isolation and; provide them a nurturing environment for research. CARTA's broad development goal is to increase use of cross-institutional collaboration to build research capacity of doctoral students and strengthen university systems to lead and conduct research on critical areas around public and population health in the region.    


Julia-Adrian-square.pngJulia Adrian 

PhD Student


small-james-michaelov.pngJames Michaelov

PhD Student


Stephan-Kaufhold-square.pngStephan Kaufhold

PhD Student



 The Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind (KIBM) solicits proposals for the support of innovative interdisciplinary research. The purpose of the KIBM Innovative Research Grant Program is to foster research focused on ideas that bridge different levels of organization of brain and mind. A goal of this program is to stimulate testing of hypotheses for which no standard funding stream is available. We are interested in innovative, risky projects from which a high payoff could be obtained. A further goal is to assist in generation of preliminary data that will enable funding from other agencies. Preference will be given to proposals encompassing several disciplines or laboratories and for projects that catalyze new collaborative research. Extensions of ongoing research programs are not likely to be favorably considered.


smallsemenuks.pngArturs Semenuks

PhD Student


smalljohnson.pngTeryn Johnson

PhD Student


HDSI Scholarship

The Halıcıoğlu Data Science Undergraduate Scholarship Program supports multidisciplinary student-led projects. The scholarships will provide opportunities for students to work closely with a mentor to develop analytical skills, develop data science portfolios, and foster novel data-driven approaches to problem solving.


smalltylerakira.pngTyler Akira Chang

PhD Student


Sanford Institute Award

The Sanford Institute for Empathy and Compassion Scholar Award Program is a unique opportunity for first-year medical students, whose work is focused on the importance of empathy and compassion in medical education and practice. The award provides financial support in their compassion-related summer research projects.


smalllagrange.pngNicole La Grange

PhD Student


Institute for Neural Computation Award (INC)

small-Mia-Borzello.pngMia Borzello 

PhD Student


NSF Award

NSF’s Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) recognizes and supports individuals early in their graduate training in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields.


small-Pamela-Riviere-Ruiz.pngPamela Riviere

PhD Student


Previous Graduate Student Awards


  • Julia Adrian, CARTA Fellowship (2019-20)
  • Stephan Kaufhold, CARTA Fellowship (2019-20)
  • Arturs Semenuks, CARTA Fellowship (2019-20)
  • Mia Borzello, UCSD Graduate Division San Diego Fellowship (2019-20)
  • Rob Loughnan, KAVLI Grant (2019-20)
  • Pamela Riviere Ruiz, National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Fellowship (2019-20)
  • Emily Winokur, UCSD STARS Fellowship (2019-20)
  • Josephine Relaford-Doyle, National Academy of Education Spencer Dissertation Fellowship (2019-20)