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Grad Course Petition

The Grad Course Petition is with respect to PhD curriculum and courses (e.g. requesting to switch to the new curriculum; course substitutions, etc). 

Any deviation from the department requirements as listed in the general catalog for the year you entered UCSD, any substitution of courses, whether from UCSD or another institution, or request to switch to the new curriculum (for students who entered before FA19) must be approved through this petition process.


Computer Access

Use The Computer Lab Lookup to find computer labs on campus for remote instruction and finals. This webpage will be continually updated as VCSA works to gain access to computer labs on campus for students.

Students can request a laptop through UC San Diego's Student Loaner Laptop Program. VCSA is partnering with Financial Aid and ITS to work with students who qualify:

If you have questions, please reach out to

For more information, please see the VCSA's site.

Grad Event Planning

When planning university sponsored events, please refer to the policies outlined here:

Return to Learn: Event Planning and Attendance

Alcohol Policy


New CogSci Grad Student Wiki

A site built by grads, for grads, with insider grad student knowledge! Check it out here.

Departmental Travel and Conference Funds

Be sure to complete the Departmental Travel and Conference Funds Form to request funds for conference or research-related travel expenses (up to $500).

TA Lecture Log

Students are required to submit information, through the TA Lecture Log, about every lecture given as part of a course that you are TAing in the Cognitive Science department (including guest-lectures).  No more than 1 lecture is expected from any TA in any given course.  This will provide us with the information we need to best make your responsibilities reasonable and give you formal credit. 

Legacy Grad Student Wiki (old)