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Tentative Course Offerings

These are tentative schedules. Classes and/or instructors may change or be canceled. Please consult the official Schedule of Classes on TritonLink each quarter.

Featured Courses

Cogs 260: Seminar on Special Topics - Winter 2024

 COGS ​2​60 (B00): Cognitive and Neuroscience for Architecture | Professor David Kirsh

This is a seminar and project-oriented class in which students and several faculty explore what is known at cognitive, neuroscientific and behavioral levels about the interaction of person and building (human building interaction, HBI). It is part of the emerging field of research concerned with applications of Cognitive Science and Neuroscience to Architectural and Urban Design. Topics include: what is HBI; how space and movement are cognized and used; what is architectural atmosphere; what is the metaverse and its forthcoming roles in architecture; how can we quantify effects of buildings on persons and study HBI scientifically; what is architectural legibility; what is place: how do we understand it and remember; how does architecture affect our emotions; how does it affect our work; how does it shape personal well-being and social dynamics. Students and faculty will critically present the contents of research papers, and work in practicums whose goal will be to investigate specific roles that science may play in reshaping architectural and urban design. Faculty include several members from Cognitive Science and the Salk Institute, guest lecturers from University of London, and architects from the US and abroad.

Class meet Monday 11:00am-1:50pm in CSB 003


COGS ​2​60 (C00): Neuroimaging and brain disorders | Professor Deanna Greene

This course surveys current “hot topics” in cognitive neuroscience with a focus on brain disorders and neuroimaging. In the field cognitive neuroscience, there are often certain questions of interest or methods that become at the forefront of discussion and the direction of many labs. Some of these topics cause a splash, some are controversial, and some are critical for moving the field forward. Students will read the literature on these topics and gain an understanding of the many moving parts in this evolving field.

Class meet Thursday 9:00am-11:50am in CSB 272


COGS ​2​60 (E00): Collective Intelligence | Professor Steven Dow

How can people and computers work together intelligently to solve complex problems? Collective intelligence is the study of how individuals coordinate, collaborate, and deliberate to produce outcomes greater than any single agent do can alone. In this course, students will explore different crowdsourcing platforms and mechanisms, read and discuss foundational papers in the field, meet virtually with contemporary authors, and write a novel research proposal that could lead to publication.

Class meet Friday 9:00am-11:50am in CSB 180

Course Pre-Authorizations

All COGS course pre-authorizations and prerequisite override requests must be made through the UC San Diego Enrollment Authorization System (EASy).