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Tentative Course Offerings

These are tentative schedules. Classes and/or instructors may change or be canceled. Please consult the official Schedule of Classes on TritonLink each quarter.

Featured Courses

Cogs 200: Cognitive Science Seminar - Winter 2023

COGS 200: Cognitive Science Seminar - Faculty Research | Professor Gary Cottrell

Cognitive Science 200 is an interdisciplinary seminar of changing topics, and is used as a mechanism for Ph.D. students in the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program and in the Cognitive Science Department to achieve breadth.  This quarter, we will be having a pro-seminar of UCSD faculty in Cognitive Science and related departments.

For the most part, we have invited junior faculty to share their research with the campus community and the public. Please join us for this variegated tour of UCSD Cognitive Science! This will be followed usually by the cognitive science happy hour in the cog sci building courtyard, where students and speakers can interact in a more relaxed manner.

Class meet Friday 2pm-4:50pm CSB 003

Cogs 260: Seminar on Special Topics - Winter 2023

COGS 260 (A00): Scientific Writing | Professor Anastasia Kiyonaga

This is a workshop and practical seminar for effective scientific writing. The course will address the fundamentals of getting words on the page, as well as techniques to make your writing stand out. The course is geared toward developing and revising a research writing project. Students should have a writing project in mind (e.g., journal article, thesis, or grant proposal in prep) and be willing to share drafts with classmates.

Class meet MWF 4pm-4:50pm CSB 003


COGS ​2​60 (B00): Cognitive and Neuroscience for Architecture | Professor David Kirsh

This is a seminar and project-oriented class in which students and several faculty explore what is known at cognitive, neuroscientific and behavioral levels about the interaction of person and building (human building interaction, HBI). It is part of the emerging field of research concerned with applications of Cognitive Science and Neuroscience to Architectural and Urban Design. Topics include: what is HBI; how space and movement are cognized and used; what is architectural atmosphere; what is the metaverse and its forthcoming roles in architecture; how can we quantify effects of buildings on persons and study HBI scientifically; what is architectural legibility; what is place: how do we understand it and remember; how does architecture affect our emotions; how does it affect our work; how does it shape personal well-being and social dynamics. Students and faculty will critically present the contents of research papers, and work in practicums whose goal will be to investigate specific roles that science may play in reshaping architectural and urban design. Faculty include several members from Cognitive Science and the Salk Institute, guest lecturers from University of London, and architects from the US and abroad.

Class meet Monday 11:00am-1:50pm in CSB 003


COGS ​2​60 (C00): Signal processing and machine learning for EEG-based brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) | Professor Virginia de Sa

This course is designed to give students background in EEG-based brain-computer interfaces followed by in depth exploration of signal processing and classification algorithms used.

The first few lectures will be given by the Professor on introduction to EEG and BCIs.  Future classes will involve students presenting classification or signal processing algorithms of their choice from recent or classic papers.  Students will meet with the Professor before their class presentation for any help needed in understanding the paper.  Final projects may be done in groups and will involve either detailed or comparative analysis of different algorithms or application of algorithms to well curated data.  Evaluation will be dependent on paper presentation, participation during other presentations, and the final project.

Background or interest in EEG and Neuroscience are required.  A prior upper division undergraduate or graduate course in machine learning, signal processing, or other mathematical course is also required. Students interested in BCIs without a mathematical background are encouraged to consider taking COGS 189 offered M/W/F 9AM WI 2023.

If interested, please fill out this form for permission to enroll:

Class meet Monday 1:00pm-3:50pm in CSB 180

Course Pre-Authorizations

All COGS course pre-authorizations and prerequisite override requests must be made through the UC San Diego Enrollment Authorization System (EASy).