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  • Sandy Rosas

    Chief Operations Officer
    CSB 148

    Oversees all Administration

  • Andrew Cronan, M.A.

    Industry Alliance Specialist
    (858) 534-8253
    CSB 135

    Industry Relations, Student Professional Development, Internship

  • Misuk Morales

    Financial Manager
    (858) 534.6772
    CSB 146

    Oversee all Department Finances

  • Katy Schoeneweis

    Fund Manager


    Contracts & Grants

  • Alan Garcia

    Research Administrator

    (858) 246.2508
    CSB 151

    Contracts & Grants

  • Courtney Chung

    Fiscal Coordinator
    (858) 534.6776
    CSB 147

    Purchasing, Reimbursements, Procurement Cards, Travel 

  • Kaitlyn Chou

    Fiscal Administrative Assistant
    CSB 134

    Reimbursements, Procurement Cards, Travel Assistance

  • Allison Torres

    Academic HR Analyst

    Academic Reviews, Academic and Staff HR

  • Thanh Maxwell

    Student Affairs Manager
    (858) 534.6771
    CSB 144

    Oversees all Student Affairs

  • Charmaine Lising, M.A.

    Graduate Advisor

    (858) 246.5375
    CSB 145

    Graduate Advising, Graduate Financial Support, Visiting Scholars, CogSci PhD Program, LCD PhD Program, HCD Specialization

  • Kasey Chiang, M.A. Ed.

    Undergraduate Advisor


    (858) 534.7141
    CSB 143

    Undergraduate Advising, Assist, DDA, EASy, eCourse, Petition, Study Abroad

  • Kellina Tran, M.S.

    Undergraduate Advisor

    (858) 534.6775
    CSB 140

    Undergraduate Advising, General Catalog, Degree Planning Approval, Honors Program

  • Sequoia Arvelo

    Undergraduate Advisor

    (858) 534.6781
    CSB 139

    Undergraduate Advising, CSB Room Scheduling, OSD Liaison, Room for Review Session, Textbook, Undergraduate Instructional Assistants (UGIA)

  • Marcella Villegas

    Instructional and Staffing Coordinator
    (858) 534.6770
    CSB 149

    Student Affairs HR, TAships and IAs, Temp Lecturers

  • Keiko Dickens

    Student Affairs Administrative Assistant
    CSB 134

    I9 Verification, Staff Volunteers, HR Onboarding

  • Sera Barron

    IT Support Analyst

    (858) 534-0417
    CSB 251

    On-site Hardware and Software Assistance

  • Krasi Genov

    Maintenance Assistant 

    Building Maintenance, Door Lock Codes and Keys