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Study CogSci Abroad

Studying abroad during your time at UC San Diego can be an enriching experience. There are many ways to make studying abroad work with your academic plan. When planning your trip abroad keep the following department policies in mind:

  • CogSci majors can take up to 2 core courses and 3 electives outside of the COGS department at UC San Diego.
  • CBN majors can take up to 3 upper-division courses outside of UC San Diego.
  • CogSci minors are approved to take one outside course towards their minor requirements.
  • All core and elective courses need to be upper-division.

Steps to Study Abroad

  1. Visit the Study Abroad Office to discuss programs around the world. 
  2. Check in with the CogSci Undergraduate Advisors with your academic planning form to discuss the courses you plan to take and to get pre-approval. Review the Sample CogSci Study Abroad Plan (PDF) to help create your own plan.

    If the courses are pre-approved EAP courses (log in to Google Sheets with your email credentials; instructions), approval will take a few minutes. 

    If the courses are not pre-approved EAP courses or are OAP courses, approval may take up to 2 weeks. Please submit up to 8 syllabi for a quarter/semester program (or up to 16 for year-long programs) via TritonsAbroad portal for pre-approval.

  3. Apply for scholarships to help finance your time abroad. 
  4. Study Abroad — Have fun and learn a lot!
  5. Submit petitions to the CogSci department once you return for each course that you took for CogSci credit and attach your course syllabus. Don't lose them!
  6. Share your experience with other CogSci students at a CogSci Study Abroad Panel. Talk to your advisors for more information. 


Study Abroad in Cognitive Science (PDF)

See below to find out about the different ways to study CogSci abroad. The Study Abroad office has more information about each of these options.

UC San Diego Global Seminars

UC San Diego Global Seminars

UCSD Global Seminars logo

UC San Diego offers many five-week global seminars each summer. Each global seminar is led by a UC San Diego professor and offers you 2 courses (8 units) of UC San Diego course credit. Classes include 15-28 students, so these are great ways to interact with faculty and connect with your peers. All courses are taught in English. 

UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP)


UC EAP logo

By participating in the University of California Education Abroad Program (EAP) you can take courses all around the world any time of the year. The credits earned count as UC units towards your UC GPA. Use the MyEAP catalog to find all courses that have been previously taken by EAP students. 

List of CogSci Pre-Approved EAP Courses
(log in to Google Sheets with your email credentials; instructions)

A list of courses that have been previously approved for credit toward the CogSci majors. The pre-approval is still subject to Undergraduate Advisor review on your EAP Academic Planning Form. 

Featured Programs in Cognitive Science and Psychology

Featured programs in many countries around the world with great reviews and plenty of courses to choose from.

Opportunities Abroad Program (OAP)


Opportunities Abroad Program Logo

If you would like to study through a program that is not a Global Seminar or in the UC EAP catalog, you can consider the Opportunities Abroad Program (OAP). This allows you to take courses through affiliated programs, other US universities' abroad programs, or by direct-enrolling in a university abroad. The possibilities are endless! These courses will appear as transfer units on your Academic History. Visit the Study Abroad OAP website to learn more.