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Undergraduate Research (99 and 199)

Undergraduate Research (COGS 99 or 199)

A 99 or 199 is an independent study course that is for individual, advanced students who wish to complete a one-quarter reading or research project under the mentorship of a faculty member. However, independent studies can often extend to an additional quarter or for the rest of the academic year. Students should contact faculty whose research interests them to discuss possible projects.

To qualify for Cogs 99 or 199, you need:

  • minimum of 30 or 90 cumulative units
  • minimum 3.0 or 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • Approval from a sponsoring CogSci faculty member
  • A completed EASy Enrollment Request with instructor approval by 3pm on Friday of Second Week of the quarter for which you plan on participating

Guidelines for Cogs 99 or 199:

  • Must be taken Pass/No Pass
  • 2 or 4 units of course credit requires 6 or 12 hours per week of substantiative, supervised work defined by the faculty mentor
  • A term project is required, defined by the mentor and described in the 99 or 199 Special Studies Enrollment Request

Term projects may include, but are not limited to:

  • Intensive directed reading project, 8-10 page or 4-5 page research paper, and an oral presentation in front of a laboratory group
  • Participation in a local research conference presenting work completed during the 199 (oral/poster presentation)
  • Substantive participation in data collection, computer programming, experimental design, design and implementation of significant computation components, data analysis, 2-3 page write up of laboratory activities or summary of data analysis

Note: Only one 19x (195, 198, 199) course can be used towards the CogSci major requirements as an elective.

Research Opportunities on Campus

For current research opportunities on campus, visit the Research Experience & Applied Learning (REAL) portal at