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Industry Relations

As the first PhD granting Cognitive Science department in the world, the University of California San Diego is dedicated to advancing the understanding of cognition through an interdisciplinary approach, composed of fields including Computer Science, Neuroscience, Psychology, Philosophy, Linguistics, and Anthropology. Our fearless and curious big picture thinkers are armed with a deep understanding of how people and systems interact.


As minds that study minds, Cognitive Science graduates transcend barriers. They create new solutions and ways of evaluating challenges from multiple perspectives, armed with their broad knowledge. With an understanding of human-centered technology and design, UC San Diego Cog Sci students can bring understanding beyond the training of any single discipline. This means that our graduates possess the superior critical and analytical thinking skills necessary for success in a wide range of subject matter and environments.


Contact Andrew Cronan, Director of Industry Relations for the Cognitive Science Department for details about how our students can help you.




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