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Below you will find Bios on the Alumni who attended our February 2023 Alumni Event

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  • Bob Glushko

    Bob Glushko

    Professor Bob Glushko is our featured speaker. After graduating with a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology in 1979, he founded Veo Systems and went on to serve as a Cognitive Science Professor at UC Berkeley. Dr. Glushko has authored several foundational books, including Document Engineering (2005) and The Discipline of Organizing (2013). He is a pillar of the CogSci community and is credited with significant contributions to linguistics, as well as with the creation of the Common Business Language (CBL) and later the Universal Business Language (UBL). Bob generously supports several prestigious CogSci honors awards both at the international level, and within the UC San Diego Cognitive Science department.
  • Sian Beilock

    Sian Beilock

    Sian Leah Beilock currently serves as the eighth president of Barnard College at Columbia University and is the president-elect of Dartmouth, the first woman to be elected to the position in Dartmouth’s more than 250-year history.

    A cognitive scientist by training, Beilock is one of the world’s leading experts on the brain science behind “choking under pressure” and the factors influencing all types of performance, from business to education to sports. Her research has been featured globally in media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, CNN, the Washington Post and The New York Times. Beilock is the author of two critically acclaimed books, Choke and How The Body Knows Its Mind, both of which have been published in over a dozen languages, and she has written over 120 scientific papers. She was chosen as one of 25 "Women to Watch" by Crain's Chicago Business and won several awards from national and international societies devoted to psychology, sport, and education. Most notably, Beilock is the recipient of a CAREER award from the National Science Foundation and Troland Award from the National Academy of Sciences. Her 2017 TED Talk has been viewed over 2.6 million times

    President Beilock works closely with individuals, Fortune 500 companies, sports teams, and government organizations to help them build high-performance teams and use research-driven strategies to create environments that attract, retain, and get the best out of their talent. Beilock is an independent director on the Bridgewater Associates Operating Board of Directors and serves on the Board of Advisors for C Street Advisory Group.

    She joins us remotely to provide a welcome and give our introductory remarks.



  • Sam Ramji

    Sam Ramji

    Sam is one of our distinguished speakers. A 28-year veteran of Silicon Valley, Sam is currently Chief Strategy Officer at DataStax.  He previously led Kubernetes and DevOps product management for Google Cloud, founded the Cloud Foundry foundation, has helped build two multi-billion dollar markets (API Management at Apigee and Enterprise Service Bus at BEA Systems) and redefined Microsoft’s open source and Linux strategy from “extinguish” to “embrace”.
    He is nerdy about open source, platform economics, middleware, and cloud computing with emphasis on developer experience and enterprise software. Sam is an advisor to multiple companies including Dell Technologies, Accenture, Observable, Fletch, Orbit, Featureform, OSS Capital, and the Linux Foundation. UCSD, Cognitive Science, B.S., 1994.
  • Vivienne Ming

    Vivienne Ming

    Dr. Ming will be an exciting speaker.  She has also expresses her willingness to discuss the topic of Women in Tech during the networking component with interested students.  Wikipedia describes her as an American theoretical neuroscientist and AI expert, but she calls herself a professional mad scientist.  Before completing several other degrees she acquired a B.S. in Cognitive Science in 2000 @ UCSD.
  • Garron Engstrom

    Garron Engstrom

    Garron will provide a talk at the event, which promises to be topical as he works in the social responsibility space.  He applies beautifully crafted design to hard, real-world problems to creat social impact and make the world a better place.  Garron is employed by Meta and previously Intuit. He completed his B.S. with a focus in HCI in 2011.  Ask him about his latest eBook.
  • Chris Gutierrez

    Chris Gutierrez

    Chris is a product manager and start-up co-founder with a decade of experience adapting technology to make it accessible and easy to use.  With prior experience in mobile, wearables, and most recently voice, Chris will be happy to answer questions about product management, early stage companies, and getting your career started with a Cog Sci degree.
    Chris was a Regents scholar at UCSD, graduating with a B.S. in 1999 and went on for an MBA at Cal St. while working full time as a software engineer.   
  • Barbara Holder

    Barbara Holder

    Professor Holder joins us from Embry Riddle Aeronautical Univeristy in Florida.  She is a pilot, Presidential fellow and Associate Professor.  Dr. Holder completed her Ph.D. @ UCSD CogSci in 1998.  She has worked for Honeywell, Boeing, and NASA.  Professor Holder will be available for networking and has an interest in speaking with students interested in Women in Tech.
  • Leo Trottier

    Leo Trottier

    Leo Trottier is Founder of FluentPet, which has been featured in National Geographic and the New York Times.

    Leo is ABD in his Ph.D. program and is attending to network with you, our students.  Ask him or his guest, Alexis Devine, about Bunny the Talking Dog when networking.

  • Luyanda Mdanda

    Luyanda Mdanda

    Luyanda received his B.S. degree in 2020 and currently is Software Engineer 2 @ Microsoft.  He will be available to network at the event.
  • Anne Marie Piper

    Anne Marie Piper

    Professor Piper completed her Ph.D. in 2011 and is currently appointed Associate Professor in the Department of Infomatics at University of California, Irvine.  Dr. Piper has completed additional degrees including an MA in Education from Stanford.  She has expressed interest in speaking with women students in support of our Womein in Tech initiative.
  • Tim Mullen

    Tim Mullen

    Completing his UCSD Cog Sci Ph.D. in 2014, Tim advised various startups and Mainly Mozart before founding and now acting as CEO and Research Director for Intheon.  Intheon is embedding advanced neurotechnology into everyday life such as through NeuroScale.
  • He (Crane) Huang

    He (Crane) Huang

    Crane completed her Ph.D. in our program in 2014.  She currently works as Engineering Manager @ Apple and previously at Intel.  She is interested in supporting other Women in Tech and will be available for networking.
  • Anne Faraday Chak

    Anne Faraday Chak

    Anne is currently a Senior User Experience Researcher @ Sony Playstation.  Ms. Chak completed her B.S. in 2015.  All students but especially, Women in Tech are encouraged to speak with her about her experiences during our networking hour.
  • Eric Mahlstedt

    Eric Mahlstedt

    Eric, a 2008 B.S. recipient from UCSD Cognitive Science now is a real estate investor.  Previously contributing to IBM he is a good example of how a cog sci degree can carry you anywhere you seek.  Network with him.
  • Meghana Sridhar

    Meghana Sridhar

    Meghana currently support Apple as Software Development Engineer and holds a 2020 B.S. from our department.  Meghana is eager to hear from other Women in Tech who attend the event and wish to network with her.  She will be available to all attendees to network.
  • Sophia Krause-Levy

    Sophia Krause-Levy

    Sophia completed her program toward a B.S. in Cognitive Science recently (2017) and moved into a Ph.D. program in Computer Science here at UCSD.  She supports our Women in Tech initiative and will be available in the networking portion of the program to discuss this or her unique path with all attendees.
  • Ali Vassigh

    Ali Vassigh

    A product designer with 30+ years experience building great UX teams, UX programs, and market changing consumer facing product experiences.  For the last 10 years, Ali has led design teams in Silicon Valley.  Ali's experience includes design for Xbox (Microsoft), streaming (Roku), surgical systems, and many others.  He completed his Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Science in the infancy of the UCSD program: 1990.  Ali will be available for networking.
  • David Conant

    David Conant

    David completed a Ph.D. from UCSF in Neuroscience after his B.S. degree in Cognitive Science from UCSD in 2011.  He is currently the principal data scientist at Resilience.  He has previous experience at Synthego and consulting with Lineage logistics.  He is joining us for the networking portion of the session.