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Approved Issues Courses

Course Code Course Title Instructor Area
COGS 215 Neurological & Cognitive Development Brain/Behavior
COGS 219 Programming for Experimental Research Saygin Discuss w/instructor
COGS 220 Information Visualization Hollan Behavior/Computation
COGS 225 Visual Computing Tu Computation
COGS 230 Human Computer Interaction Klemmer Behavior/Computation
COGS 234 Distributed Cognition Hutchins Behavior
COGS 238 Topics in Cognitive Linguistics Behavior
COGS 243 Statistical Inference and Data Analysis Yu Computation
COGS 252 Cognitive Science of Mathematics Nunez Behavior
COGS 253 Semantics and Cognition Behavior
COGS 272 Theoretical Neurobiology Brain/Computation
COGS 277 Mirroring in Social Cognition Pineda Brain/Behavior
COGS 278 Jernigan
COGS 279 Electrophysiology of Cognition Kutas Brain/Behavior
COGS 280 Neural Oscillations Voytek Brain/Computation
CSE 250A, B Artificial Intelligence Computation
CSE 253 Neural Networks with Pattern Recognition Computation
CSE 258A Cognitive Modeling Computation
CSE 291 Topics in Computer Science and Engineering Computation
LING 211 Phonology Behavior
LING 230 Formal Semantics Barker Behavior
LING 245 Computational Corpus Linguistics Kehler Behavior/Computation
LING 272 Topics in Neurolinguistics Bakovic Behavior
LING 279 Topics in Language Acquisition Behavior
PSYC 244 Special Topics in Psycholinguistics Behavior
SOMI 276A Funct MRI in Cog Neu: Foundations Brain
COGS 260 Key Developmental Principles for the Cognitive Sciences -FA17 Deak Brain/Behavior
COGS 260 Brain-ComputerInterfaces - WI18 de Sa Brain/Behavior/Computation
COGS 260 Neuropsychology - WI18 Saygin Brain
COGS 260 Auditory Learning/Plasticity - WI18 Creel Behavior
COGS 260 Intro/Diffusion Tensor Imaging - WI18 Frank Brain/Computation
COGS 260 Interacting"Like a HumanBeing - SP18 Rossano Behavior
COGS 260 Brain Waves: Neural Oscillations Across Scales - SP18 Rangel Brain/Behavior
COGS 260 SP18 Boroditsky
COGS 260 Image Recognition - SP18 Tu Computation/Methods