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Components to Advancement in Cognitive Science


This requirement is met by satisfactorily completing all foundation, methods, and issues coursework, laboratory rotations and the second year project. Students must also have an advisor, and an approved plan of study.


This requirement is met by satisfactorily completing a talk to the entire department on their thesis topic by the end of the third year. A first draft of the thesis proposal must be submitted to the student's advisor by the end of the third year. Students enroll in COGS 205 during winter and spring quarter of the third year (Third-Year project guidelines).

Dissertation Topic/Advancement Exam

The student prepares a proposal of the dissertation topic that must be approved by the student's doctoral committee. A written proposal is submitted to the committee at least two weeks prior to an oral defense of the proposal.

CogSci Primary Advisor

All students must have a primary advisor in the department. A co-advisor may be adjunct faculty or from another department, but the primary advisor must reside in the Cognitive Science Department.

Advancement Checklist


☐ Run a degree audit and check that you’ve fulfilled the requirements as outlined in the catalog.

☐ Check with your faculty advisor to ensure you have taken all the classes s/he wants you to take in order to be prepared for your Qualifying Exam/Advancement.



As soon as possible but no fewer than two weeks prior to your Qualifying Exam/Advancement Meeting, submit a list of the names, emails, and department info for each of your committee members to the Graduate Coordinator so s/he can submit the request to constitute your committee.  The committee constitution must be approved by the Graduate Division Dean before your qualifying exam/advancement meeting can be held.



☐ Find a date and time when all of your committee members are available to attend the advancement meeting and notify them.

☐ Notify the Graduate Coordinator of the date and time so s/he can prepare the Report of the Qualifying Exam and know when to route it for signature.

☐ Schedule the Exam/Meeting via Zoom or reserve a room in the department with the Graduate Coordinator.



☐ Send reminder to all your committee members and the Graduate Coordinator the day before the exam/meeting.

☐ At the end of the meeting, please ask all your committee members to follow the link to the DocuSign form and sign it.

☐ Follow-up with the Graduate Coordinator and your committee members to ensure your committee members and the chair have signed everything so your Advancement will post on time.

Ready to advance to candidacy?  Read info here and contact the Graduate Coordinator.