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Transfer Students

Students who wish to transfer from another institution to UCSD as cognitive science majors should work closely with university advisors to ensure that all lower-division requirements have been completed and are equivalent to those offered at UCSD. It is recommended that prospective transfer students complete courses that are equivalent to the following UCSD lower-division courses at their home institutions prior to transfering (Articulation agreements between UCSD and other colleges can be found on the ASSIST website.)


  • for B.A., chosen from the following: Math 10A-B-C or Math 20A-B and 18.
  • for B.S., chosen from the following: Math 10A-B-C and 18 or 20A-B and 18.

Cognitive Science

  • COGS 1: Introduction to Cognitive Science (to be completed at UCSD only)
  • COGS 10: Cognitive Consequences of Technology
  • COGS 13: Field Methods: Studying Cognition in the Wild
  • COGS 14A: Introduction to Research methods (for BA and BS degree)
  • COGS 14B: Introduction to Statistical Analysis (for BS degree)
  • COGS 17: Neurobiology of Cognition
  • COGS 18 or BILD 62 or CSE 6R or 8A: Introduction to Python

Transferring from one academic institution to another can be both confusing and exciting, particularly transferring from a semester system to a quarter system. Your college advisors can assist you with questions regarding university/general education requirements. Your departmental major advisors can assist you with questions regarding major requirements.