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Design Minor

The minor’s focus is on design as a way of thinking, one based on an iterative cycle of field observation, problem finding, and evaluating alternative solutions and tradeoffs by prototyping and testing. The primary objective of the minor is to enable students from any division and major to diversify their studies and incorporate design thinking skills into their academic experience.

To receive a minor in Design:

    • A student must complete at least 28 units of which 20 must be upper division. DSGN 119 may be taken more than once to meet the minimum units requirement.
    • All courses must be taken for a letter grade with at least a "C-" earned in each one, with the exception of Design 119 and 195, which are taken Pass/Not Pass.

Lower-Division Requirements

Choose one from this group:

  • DSGN 1

AND choose one from this group:

  • COGS 10
  • COMM 10
  • MAE 3
  • VIS 30

Upper-Division Requirements

Choose one of the Studio Sequences:

  • Cognitive Design: COGS 102B and 102C
  • Critical Design: COMM 124A and 124B
  • Design for Development: ENG 100D and 100L
  • Interaction Design: COGS 120 and 121
  • Information Design: COGS 187A and 187B
  • Speculative Design: (VIS 100 and 100A) or (VIS 101 and 101A) or (VIS 142 and 148)


  • DSGN 100
  • DSGN 119
  • One upper division elective courses from the following approved Design courses:
    • DSGN: 118, 160, 195
    • COGS: 102A, 102B, 122, 123
    • COMM: 100A, 100B, 100C
    • CSE: 110, 118
    • MAE: 154
    • MGT: 103, 121A
    • PSYC: 148, 176
    • VIS: 100A, 135, 159, 161, 162, 163

Note: Electives include any Studio Sequences course not used to satisfy the Studio Sequence requirements.