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Comments and Student Experiences

Hi Professor [Nitz], I really enjoyed your class this summer! I came into this class as a Poli Sci major who hasn’t taken anything past introductory chemistry a couple years ago, and your explanations, as well as the readings, were very instructive and readable. I watched a couple YouTube videos on each lobe of brain, but the rest of my learning came from you and [the TA, Janet Tung]. Just wanted to send some thanks and recognition for your teaching style and course. Also, Janet is AMAZING. She was very much a resource to me, and would be remiss to not specifically give her some kudos.

– Cogs 177 S120, Carolina G., B.A. Political Science/Public Law

Hi Dr. Boyle! I just wanted to thank you for such a fun and engaging class. The course was both challenging and interesting, and as a someone with little STEM background it was still easy to follow with effort. It was also thought-provoking which I found really cool, because we weren't just studying the brain's systems but the theoretical implications of them.

– Cogs 1 Fa17, Katrina I., B.S. Cognitive Science

Hi Thanh, I forgot to submit my CAPE for Cogs 181 with Dr. Tu, but I wanted it on record that that class was likely one of my most valuable experiences at UCSD. I learned a LOT, and I'm really grateful to Dr. Tu for making that possible.

– Cogs 181 Wi17, Hudson C., Senior, B.S. Math-Probability & Statistics and Minor in Cognitive Science

Hi Dr. Boyle, I just wanted to say thank you for providing that scaffolding of knowledge that I can now fill in and build off of in a meaningful way. I think the way you structured the course was every bit as useful as the actual material covered--I appreciate the level of engagement with the material that the course design demanded. Everything I learned is already serving me well as I venture onward in the research world, and I really feel that Cogs 163 was one of the two or three most useful courses I've taken in my college career. Thank you!

– Cogs 163 Sp16, Emily J., Senior, B.S. Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience

Hi Professor Boyle! I just wanted to thank you again for for having me in your COGS 3 class this past Spring Quarter. I genuinely did learn so much. I was the student who came in to your office hours and had an internship interview where I was tested on Excel! Unfortunately, I didn't get the internship. Instead, I guess another door opened for me which was working in the Student Affairs Development! During my interview, they were especially curious about the computers class and really wanted their employees to be familiar with HTML, Mail Merge, Photoshop, and Websites. Your class definitely helped me obtain the job and I couldn't be more grateful! You are extremely correct in your assessment that the job market has been more competitive and knowledge of computers can only be an asset in this day and age. Again, thank you so much for everything. Though COGS 3 was really difficult and time consuming for me, I'm really glad I completed all the assignments and was able to apply my knowledge to other aspects of my life.

– Cogs 3 Sp13, Myra D., Sophomore, B.S. Public Health

Hi Thanh, Thank you for everything over the past years and for putting a great honors thesis presentation/lunch together. You have been a great help and your care and love for CogSci Deparment is very apparent. Thanks again for everything!

– Sp16 B.S. CogSci-Neuroscience, Desiree C.

Hi Thanh, I just wanted to let you know that I'm hoping to stop by your office before I graduate this quarter to say thank you and goodbye in person! You've been so helpful and pleasant to work with since I started almost three years ago.

– Sp15 B.S. CogSci-Neuroscience, Cody W.

Hi Thanh, Thank you so much for being the best advisor ever! You have been so understanding, flexible, and you always share opportunities with us. I am so lucky to be part of the cognitive science program, it really feels like a family. Thanks for being the rock star of the department!!!

– Su15 B.S. CogSci-Human Cognition, Danielle J.

Dear Thanh, I spent about a year as a Computer Science major. But I found the Computer Science faculty students a bit stand-offish, and this harshly contrasted with the welcoming attitudes that the Cognitive Science members always had. I think that your department's general atmosphere was a determining factor in my decision to return to Cognitive Science, and it turned out to be a good decision! My experience as a TA/IA for the Department of Cognitive Science is something that I'll always remember fondly. I hope that even after receiving a Ph.D., I will be able to emulate the enthusiasm and openness that you bring.

– Su13 B.S. CogSci-Neuroscience, John S.

Dear Thanh, I was a UCSD Class of 2012 Cogsci undergrad. I am writing to you to update my after graduation status. I went to University of Wisconsin, Madison for graduate school. I graduated last December, with a Master of Science degree in Computer Sciences. After graduation, I decided to come back to the sunny Cali and started to search for a job early this year. Eventually, I got an offer as a Data Analyst from a medical device company called Advanced Bionics, LLC. The company is a global leader in developing the cochlear implant technologies, located in Santa Clarita, CA (very close to the Six Flag Magic Mountain).

I feel very blessed to be the position I am in right now. Majoring in Cognitive Science in college was one of the most important decision that I made in my life. Being a Cogsci major, I started to see the world from different angles. I became more objective to all the unknowns and strangeness in the world. On the other hand, the opportunity to be a part of the Saygin Lab taught me responsibility and how to manage time. It really prepared me for the future grad research and working environment. I will recommend any college students who has not decided the major to give Cognitive Science a shot, because it is so unique and it will help your future development in so many good ways.

Thank you so much for advising me, giving me different suggestions on taking classes back in the college days. I will definitely let you know my career path in the future and I hope our department will get better and better.

– Su12 B.S. CogSci-Computation, Jingwei L., Data Analyst at Advanced Bionics, LLC

Hi Thanh, I just wanted to update you on my post-graduation ongoings since I have good news! I have just been accepted to Washington University in St. Louis for fall 2011 with partial scholarship for their masters program in Occupational Therapy. It is number one in the country so I am very pleased and excited! I had also been accepted to University of Illinois at Chicago and USC, also top programs. I really think all of the schools were particularly impressed by my application because of the uniqueness of the cog sci department at UCSD. I emailed Prof. Chiba telling her the news because she brought the field to my attention and essentially helped me realize how perfect it would be for me. I didn't know what I exactly wanted to do with a cog sci degree until she talked about post-stroke therapy in her Brain Disorders class during my last quarter at UCSD! Thank you for all your help in the past!

– Wi10 B.S. CogSci-Neuroscience, Anjali N., M.S. degree program in Occupational Therapy at Washington University in St. Louis - School of Medicine

Hi Thanh, I just wanted to say hello and send you an update. I changed jobs a year ago from Disney to a closer company in Culver City called Genex where I work as an information architect. Basically I do lots of sketches and blue prints for web sites, iphone apps, etc. before things get built, so I get to really use a lot of my cog sci background which is great!

– Su08 B.S. CogSci-Human Computer Interaction, Jason V.M., Information Architect at Genex