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ucsd la jolla shores 

Once per quarter we meet to share a meal and hear informal talks about research from all research areas in the department.  

Please join us for our next Cognition at the Shore evening seminar on Friday, May 3rd at The Martin Johnson House (MJH) from 6-9pm. Dinner at 6pm; Talks at 6:30pm. 


  • Rob Loughman - Parkinson's Disease and Brain Iron Accumulation
  • Allessandro "Ollie" D/Amico - Games
  • Kyle Shannon - TBA
  • Pam Riviere - Mono- and Multilingual LLM Representations of Ambiguous Spanish Words in Context
  • Ana Chkhaidze - Visualizing the Invisible: Visual Imagery Shaes Pseudo-Hallucinatory Experiences

Special thanks are offered to the UCSD Department of Cognitive Science for sponsorship, and Graduate Representative Davis Lee for coordinating the event. 

Fall 2023

Drew Walker: Turing Jest: Do LLMs Have a Sense of Humor?
Cameron Jones: Does GPT-4 pass the Turing Test?
Akshay Nagarajan: Time, Place, and Transcendence in Music and Song
Vijay Veerabadran: Pondering ANNs generalize to unseen difficulty levels of visual reasoning
Hui Xin Ng: Tōjisha-kenkyū

Winter 2023

Garrison (Gary) Cottrell: The Model 2.0: An Anatomically-inspired Model of the Primate Visual System
Sana Ali: Now I Know My ABCD: A Global Resource Hub for Researchers using the ABCD Study

Spring 2020

Eran Mukamel: How many cell types are in the brain?
Shuai Tang: Distributed Representations & Symbolic Computing
Arthur Semenuks: Linguistic diversity: variation, constrains and importance
Federico Rossano: Social cognition in young children: an urban vs. rural comparison

Winter 2019

Virginia de Sa: Explorations of EEG data in recognition memory experiments
Tricia Ngoon & Ailie Fraser: Replay: Contextually Presenting Learning Videos Across Applications
Carson Miller Rigoli: Cultural Evolution for Language and Music: Benefits and Hurdles
Ben Bergen: The Emergence of a New System of Linguistic Metaphors for Time 

Fall 2018

Scott Cole: A quantitative analysis of San Diego's burritos"
Alexander Johnson: Place versus places: The subiculum spatial codes for structural similarities between paths
Weiqi Zhao: Understanding the influence of brain phenotypes on reading variability
Robert Loughnan: Predicting post-stroke language recovery from clinical CT scans
Tom Donoghue: Parameterizing Neural Power Spectra