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Financial Information

Financial Support

Financial support is available to qualified students in the form of fellowships, loans, and assistantships. This information is subject to change.

2020/2021 Graduate Support Package

Students are guaranteed funding for their first five years in the program.  In years 1-4, the academic year minimun support of 22k is met through 1 quarter of stipend and 2 quarters of assistanships.  In year 5, the academic year minimum support of 22k is through 3 quarters of assistantships.

In the event that a student receives extramural funding and/or contract that covers tuition and fees, the funds from that (primary) source of support will be used first.  Any subsequent award/tuition from University funds will be used only in the case of a shortfall in the primary source of support.


For California Residents

Academic year (9 month) base stipend/salary
Covereage of resident fees and health insurance*

Yearly Total for Residents:



For Non-California Residents

Academic year (9 month) base stipend/salary
Coverage Non-resdident fees & health insurance*
(non-resident fees for first-year only)

First Year Total for Nonresidents



For International Students

Academic year (9 month) base stipend/salary
Coverage Non-resdident fees & health insurance
(non-resident fees for first three years)**

First Year Total for International Students



*Non-California residents must establish California residency before start of the second year.
** International students must advance to candidacy before start of fourth year.


Additional Funding Opportunities (not part of guaranteed package):

  • Typical Annual Travel Award for students presenting posters at conferences: $400- $500
  • Typical earnings for Summer:
    • Summer Session TAship: $3,320 (for a 50% TA appt) per course
    • For Advanced Students who are instructors during for Summer Session: $4,626 (for a 50% Assoc-in-Teaching a Course) for one session.
    • Summer Graduate Student Researcher (GSR): Varies depending on appointment percentage.  See GSR monthly salary rates.
    • Academic Connections Program: $3,328

For 2019-2020, the average stipend/salary for students in the program enrolled full-time was $29,579. This includes guaranteed department support, and additional funding in the form of fellowships, and summer GSR support.

Students are encouraged to apply for outside sources of funding. Please see Graduate Division for more fellowship information.

This information is subject to change.

Travel Funds

The Department of Cognitive Science supports graduate student participation in scientific conferences. We strongly encourage you to submit papers and posters to conferences. There are several kinds of sources of funding available for your participation in conferences.

Department Funds

If your paper or poster is accepted for presentation, and if you do not have access to other travel funds (see below), the department will fund *some* of your travel expenses. In order to get the most out of our limited funds and give the greatest number of students a chance to participate in conferences, we can only cover air travel at the lowest available economy fare, and a budget hotel room.

In past years, we have been able to fund all the requests we received up to a limit of $500. If we run out of money, of course, we won't be able to fund any more trips. In general, priority will be given to domestic travel requests. Requests for foreign travel will be considered, but we may not be able to provide full reimbursement for air and hotel. When your paper or poster has been accepted and when you have determined that other funds are not available, please include the following information on a Request For Funds form.

  1. Name of the conference
  2. The form of your presentation (oral or poster)
  3. Acceptance rates for oral and poster presentations at this conference (if available)
  4. Amount of support requesting

Once approved, please contact the Fiscal Coordinator (room 151, or at for further instructions on reimbursement and/or any advance payments you will require.

Academic Senate Funds for Travel to other UC Campuses and Labs

Each year, the academic senate allocates funds to the department for faculty and graduate student travel to other UC campuses and labs. You should apply the same way as other grad travel. Please note, however, that the money can only be used for transportation expenses. Traditionally, these funds have gone virtually untapped.

Faculty Research Grants

Speak to your advisor about the availability of funds from her/his research grants.