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Payroll and Timekeeping


Monthly (exempt employees) & Biweekly (non exempt employees)

Payroll Calendars

Direct Deposit

Sign up for the automatic deposit of your paycheck by enrolling in Payroll Direct Deposit online!  Follow the directions provided when you click here.

Completing Your Timesheet

Check Your Vacation and Sick Time Balances

From the Personal Tools menu of Blink, Click on 'My LeaveBalances'.

University Holidays

Observed University Holidays

Consult with HR desk to determine if you are eligibile for paid holiday hours.

Jury Duty

Employees are granted administrative leave with pay for work days spent on jury duty, not to exceed the pay for the employee's normal work day, and the employee's normal work week. It does not come from sick or vacation balances. On your timesheet, mark the numbers of hours absent and select Jury Duty from the drop down menu.