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Cognitive Science Academic Advising will be switching to all online advising for SP20 until otherwise notified. More details on our Advising page.

Cognitive Science Minor

Each college has specific requirements, and students should consult with an academic advisor in their provost’s office as well as a cognitive science advisor to be sure they fulfill requirements of the college and of the department.

To receive a minor in Cognitive Science, a student must complete a total of 7 (four-unit) courses; 5 of which must be upper-division. All courses must be taken for letter grade, with at least a C- earned in each one. The following courses will give you the best understanding of the discipline of Cognitive Science:


For SP20 Grading Options, please thoroughly read the response on our FAQ page.

Lower-Division Requirements

Choose one from this group:

  • COGS: 1, 3, 10, 11, 13, 14A

AND choose one from this group:

  • COGS: 9, 12, 14B, 17, 18

Upper-Division Requirements

Choose any three courses of the following:

  • Distributed Cognition: COGS 100
  • Fundamental Cognitive Phenomena: COGS 101A, 101B, 101C
  • Cogntive Neuroscience: COGS 107A, 107B, 107C
  • Computation: COGS 108

AND choose two additional upper-division electives from the following:

Note: Only 1 course of COGS 160 may be used as an elective to satisfy the requirements for the minor.