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Christine M. Johnson PhD

Department of Cognitive Science
University of California San Diego
La Jolla, CA 92093-0515



Cogs 17  Cognitive Neuroscience

Cogs 101A  Human Perception

Cogs 102A  Distributed Cognition

Cogs 143  Animal Cognition

Cogs 184  Modeling Cognitive Evolution

Cogs 199  Independent Studies:
Comparative Social Cognition


   Signature whistle use
   Vocal & behavioral imitation
   Visible & invisible displacement
   Gesture development
   Triadic attention
Elephants' Social Construction of Space
Ontogeny of Human Triadic Attention
My primary interest is in the evolution of social cognition and in taking a comparative approach to its study. In our lab, we do observational analyses of real-world interactions between socially sophisticated animals, including dolphins, bonobos, elephants and humans. These multi-scalar analyses include moment-by-moment video and audio analyses, situated within longer term behavioral patterns. By applying a model of "Distributed Cognition"* to such interactions, we aim to understand the media of information flow in these engagements, and the constraints on behavioral co-regulation in these dynamic systems.


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