About me

My name is Elkin Darío Gutiérrez (I go by Darío). I earned my Ph.D. in the Cog Sci Department at UCSD. I am currently a post-doc in the Computational Biology Center at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in New York (my IBM profile page). My interests include machine learning (especially spectral approaches to unsupervised learning), natural language-processing, computational semantics, the emergence of language and complex communication systems, and human semantic processing. Here is my CV (PDF format) as of August 2016. My Erdõs number is 4.


E.D. Gutierrez, R. Levy, B. Bergen. (2016).
Finding nonarbitrary form-meaning systematicity using string-metric learning for kernel regression.
Proceedings of the ACL.  pp. 2379–88.
Winner of Best Paper Award at ACL 2016 (out of 1,100+ submissions).

E.D. Gutierrez, E. Shutova, T. Marghetis, B. Bergen. (2016).
Literal and metaphorical senses in compositional distributional semantic models.
Proceedings of the ACL.  pp. 183–93.

E.D. Gutierrez, E. Shutova, G. de Melo, et al. (2016).
Detecting cross-cultural differences using a probabilistic topic model.
Transactions of the ACL.  4: pp. 47–60.

E. Shutova, L. Sun, E.D. Gutierrez, et al. (2016).
Multilingual metaphor processing: Experiments with semi-supervised and unsupervised learning.
Computational Linguistics.  In press.

B.B. Klebanov, C.W. Leong, E.D. Gutierrez, et al. (2016).
Semantic classifications for detection of verb metaphors.
Proceedings of ACL.  pp. 101–6.

C.H. Chen, M. Fiecas, E.D. Gutiérrez, et al. (2013).
Genetic topology of brain morphology.
PNAS.  42: pp. 17089–94.

C.H. Chen, E.D. Gutierrez, W.K. Thompson, et al. (2012).
Analyzing the genetic topography of the cortex using longitudinal MRI data.
Science.  335: pp. 1634–36.

B. Galantucci, C.A. Theisen, E.D. Gutierrez, C. Kroos, & T. Rhodes (2012).
The diffusion of novel signs beyond the dyad.
Language Sciences.  34: pp. 583–90.

Fun Links

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Interesting Books

Foundations of Modern Probability, O. Kallenberg
Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms, D.J.C. MacKay

Elkin Dario Gutierrez, 13 Sep 2012