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Graduate Alumni

Our department has a strong record of successful PhD graduates going on to positions in academia and industry.

Graduate Advisor Dissertation Year Current Position
Andrew Schork Terry Jernigan 2016-17
Wen-Hsuan Chan Marta Kutas Location, Location, Fixation: Behavioral and Electrophysiological Explorations of Viewing Position Asymmetry in Visual Word Recognition 2015-16 Staff Research Associate
Dept. of Cognitive Science
UC San Diego
Michael Datko Jaime Pineda Functional and structural connectivity, and the effects of neurofeedback training, in imitation-related brain networks in autism. 2015-16 Postdoc
Neuroscience Program
UC San Diego
Elkin Gutierrez Ben Bergen Computational and Cognitive Semantics: The Statistics and Structure of Meaning 2015-16 Postdoc
IBM Research
Ross Metusalem Jeff Elman Beyond the (Linguistically) Expected: Activating Event Knowledge During Real-Time Language Comprehension. 2015-16 Learning & Development Facilitator
Academy for Teaching & Learning Excellence
Un. of So. Florida, Tampa
Luke Miller Ayse Saygin The Body in Flux: Tool Use Modulates Multisensory Body Representations. 2015-16 Postdoc
Rachel Ostrand Ben Bergen Repeat After Us: Syntactic Alignment is Not Partner-Specific 2015-16 Postdoc Fellow in Computational Linguistics
IBM Research
Burcu Urgen Ayse Saygin Spatio-temporal Neuroimaging of Visual Processing of Human and Robot Actions in Humans. 2015-16 Postdoc
Dept. of Neuroscience
University of Parma
Esther Walker Rafael Nunez Place, Movement, Perspective: How space shapes and constrains our thoughts about time. 2015-16
Patrick Gallagher Virginia de Sa Operator Theory for Analysis of Convex Optimization Methods in Machine Learning. 2014-15 Postdoc
Dept. of Cognitive Science
UC San Diego
He Huang Doug Nitz Decision-Making and Motor Control: Computational Models of Human Sensorimotor Processing. 2014-15 Postdoc
Laureate Institute for Brain Research
Tyler Marghetis Rafael Nunez Every Number In Its Place: The Spatial Foundations of Calculation and Conceptualization. 2014-15 Postdoc
Indiana University
The Percepts and Concepts Laboratory
Tim Mullen Virginia de Sa The Dynamic Brain: Modeling Neural Dynamics and Interactions from Human Electrophysiological Recordings. 2014-15 CSO & CEO
Matthew Schalles Jaime Pineda Cortical Motor Rhythms: Auditory Processing and Plasticity. 2014-15 Postdoc
Northern California VA Health System
Walter Talbott Virginia de Sa Learning to Perceive: A Developmental Robotics Approach to Vision and Object Interaction. 2014-15 Research Engineer
Jamie Alexandre Jeff Elman Computer Assisted Learning in a (Dis-) Connected Age: Challenges and Approaches to Digital Education and Equal Access. 2013-14 Software Architecture Lead
Foundation of Learning Equality, Inc.
Benjamin Cipollini Gary Cottrell A unified explanation of visual asymmetries, interhemispheric communication, and their typical development in humans. 2013-14 Postdoc
UC San Diego
Dept. of Computer Science
Tristan Davenport Seana Coulson Causal Inference and Language Comprehension: Event-Related Potential Investigations. 2013-14 Staff Research Associate
UC San Diego
Dept. of Linguistics
Nancy Owens Renner Ed Hutchins/Jim Hollan Free to Explore a Museum: Embodied Inquiry and Multimodal Expression of Meaning. 2013-14 Director
San Diego Incubator for Innovation
Micah Bregman Sarah Creel The Role of Pitch in the Recognition of Vocalizations in Songbirds and Humans. 2012-13 Associate
McKinsey & Co.
Deborah Forster Shirley C. Strum A State-Space Approach to Social Complexity and Distributed Cognition in Olive Baboons (Papio anubis): Re-Thinking the Role of Behavioral Analysis in Socio-Cognitive Research. 2012-13 Assistant Project Scientist
California Inst. for Telecommunications and Information
Adam Fouse Jim Hollan Navigation of Time-Coded Data. 2012-13 Research Scientist
Kensy Cooperrider Rafael Nunez Reference in Action: Links Between Pointing and Language. 2011-12 Postdoctoral Scholar
University of Chicago, IL
Dept. of Psychology
Kaya de Barbaro Gedeon Deak More Than Meets the Eye: From Stress to Scaffolding, A Microgenesis of Infant Attention. 2011-12 Research Scientist
Georgia Inst. Tech.
Anna Holt Gedeon Deak A Comparison of Cue Processing and Executive Functioning in Child Task-Switching. 2011-12 Director of Research and Evaluation
Tulsa Public Schools
Nathaniel Smith Marta Kutas Scaling up Psycholinguistics. 2011-12 Computational Fellow
Institute for Data Science
UC Berkeley
Nicholas Butko Virginia de Sa Active Perception. 2010-11 Staff Software Engineer
Gaston Cangiano Jim Hollan Studying Episodic Access to Personal Digital Activity: Activity Trails Prototype. 2010-11
Jennifer Collins Seana Coulson The Integration of Language with Perceptual Systems. 2010-11 Researcher
Hypothesis Group
Matthew Leonard Jeff Elman Neural Stages of Word Encoding Across Languages, Proficiency Levels, and Modalities. 2010-11 Postdoc
UC San Francisco School of Medicine
Neurological Surgery
Joshua Lewis Virginia de Sa Anthropocentric Data Analysis. 2010-11 Vice President
Alpine Data Labs
Anne Marie Piper Jim Hollan Augmenting Collocated Interaction: The Design of Assistive Technology to Support Face-to-Face Communication. 2010-11 Asst. Professor
Northwestern University
Dept. of Communication
Katherine DeLong Marta Kutas Electrophysiological Explorations of Linguistic Pre-Activation and its Consequences During Online Sentence Processing 2009-10 Assistant Project Scientist
UC San Diego
Cognitive Science
Laura Kemmer Marta Kutas Event-related brain potential investigations of left and right hemisphere contributions to syntactic processing. 2009-10 Assistant Professor
Pacific Lutheran University
Stephen McCullough Jamie Pineda/Ursula Bellugi Functional and Neural Organization Underlying Face and Facial Expression Perception. 2009-10 Research Scientist
San Diego State University
Laboratory for Language & Cognitive Neuroscience
Alan Robinson Virginia de Sa Mechanisms of Brightness Perception 2009-10 Postdoc
UC San Diego
Adam Tierney Sarah Creel The Structure and Perception of Human Vocalizations 2009-10 Lecturer
Psychological Sciences
Birkbeck, UK
Nathan White Marta Kutas Quantitative Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain: Validation, Acquisition, and Analysis 2009-10 Asst. Project Scientist
UC San Diego
Flavia Filimon Martin I. Sereno Multisensory and sensorimotor representations for action in human posterior parietal cortex investigated with functional fMRI. 2008-09 Research Scientist
Max Planck Institute
Human Development
John Lewis Jeff Elman Size Always Matters: An Investigation of the Influence of Connection Length on the Organization of White-Matter in Typical Development and in Autism . 2008-09 Research Scientist
Montreal Neurological Institute
McGill University
Dan Liu Emo Todorov Computational and Psychophysical Studies of Goal-Directed Arm Movements. 2008-09 Decision Support Engineering Analyst
Danke Xie Jeff Elman A Biologically-Plausible Working memory Model for Serial Order. 2008-09 Software Engineer
Samsung Telecommunications
Amaya Becvar James D. Hollan/Edwin L. Hutchins An Ethnographic Investigation of the Evolving Dynamics of a Learning Ecology. 2007-08 UX Research Manager
Immersion Corporation
Arielle Borovsky Jeffrey L. Elman/Marta Kutas Word learning in context: The role of lifetime language experience and sentential context. 2007-08 Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
Florida State University
David Groppe Marta Kutas Common Independent Components of the P3b, N400, and P600 ERP Components to Deviant Linguistic Events. 2007-08 Researcher
Health Systems
Michael Kiang Marta Kutas Event-related Brain Potential Studies of Semantic Processing in Schizophrenia and Schizotypy Personality. 2007-08 Associate Professor
Dept. of Psychiatry
University of Toronto
Silvia Paparello Joan Stiles The Many Faces of Neurocognitive Development: Behavior and Neurocorrelates of Holistic Face processing. 2007-08 Project Manager
UC San Diego
Hsin-Hao Yu Virginia De Sa/Martin I. Sereno Integration of visual information and the organization of receptive fields in V1 of the California ground squirrel. 2007-08 Research Fellow
Monash University
Dept. of Physiology
Morana Alac Edwin L. Hutchins How Brain Images Reveal Cognition: An Ethnographic Study of Meaning-Making in Brain Mapping Practice. 2006-07 Associate Professor
UC San Diego
Dept. of Communication
Daniel Bauer James D. Hollan/David J. Kirsh The Cognitive Ecology of Dynapad, A Multiscale Workspace for Managing Personal Digital Collections. 2006-07
Ruey-song Huang Martin I. Sereno Multisensory Representations of Space: Multimodal Brain Imaging Aproaches. 2006-07 Asst. Project Scientist
UC San Diego
Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience
Ying Wu Seana Coulson Coordinated Minds: How Iconic Gestures Mediate Communication. 2006-07 Asst. Project Scientist
UC San Diego
Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience
Wendy Ark Joan Stiles Comparing Mental Rotation and Feature Matching Strategies in Adults and Children with Behavioral and Neuroimaging Techniques. 2005-06 Researcher
IBM Almaden Research Center
San Jose, CA
Christopher Cordova Andrea A. Chiba Attention, Prediction and Sequence Learning: Roles of the Cholinergic basal Forebrain and the Retrosplenial Cortex. 2005-06 Postdoc Researcher
McGill University
Montreal Neurological Institute
Ian Fasel Jochen Triesch Learning Real-Time Object Detectors: Probabilistic Generative Approaches. 2005-06 Founder, Lead Developer
John Hershey Martin I. Sereno Perceptual Inference in Generative Models. 2005-06 Researcher
IBM Watson Research
Robert Liebscher Richard K. Belew Temporal, Categorical, and Bibliographic Context of Scientific Tests: Interactions and Applications. 2005-06 Senior. Business Intelligence Analyst
Tim Marks James D. Hollan Facing Uncertainty: 3D Face Tracking and Learning with Generative Models. 2005-06 Researcher
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories
Irina Merzlyak Andrea A. Chiba The Role of the Basolateral Amygdala in Affective Associative Learning, Arousal, and Adaptation. 2005-06 Research Analyst
Stanford University
School of Medicine
Jonathan Nelson Martin I. Sereno Optimal Experimental Design as a Theory of Perceptual and Cognitive Information Acquisition. 2005-06 Research Scientist
Max Planck Institute
Human Development
Ayse Saygin Marty I. Sereno Embodied Perception: Neuropsychological and Neuroimaging Studies of Language, Vision, and Attention. 2005-06 Associate Professor
UC San Diego
Dept. of Cognitive Science
Robert Williams Gilles R. Fauconnier/Edwin L. Hutchins Making Meaning from a Clock: Material Artifacts and Conceptual Blending in Time-Telling Instruction. 2004-05 Associate Professor of Education
Lawrence University
Appleton, WI
Michael Hayward Edwin L. Hutchins Reverse-Engineering Emergent Collective Behaviors in an Evolved Swarm System. 2003-04
David Leland Jaime A. Pineda Effects of Motivationally Salient Stimuli on Visual Spatial Attention: Behavior and Electrophysiology. 2003-04 Assistant Professor
Univ. Wisconsin - Eau Claire
Dept. of Psychology
Brendan Allison Jaime A. Pineda P3 or not P3: Toward a Better P300BCI. 2002-03
Frederic Dick Elizabeth Bates Language in a Sensorimotor Brain. 2002-03 Associate Professor (equivalent)
University College London
Birbeck College
Alexandra Horowitz Jeffrey Elman The Behaviors of Theories of Mind, and A Case Study of Dogs at Play. 2001-02 Associate Professor, Adjunct
Barnard College
Dept. of Psychology
Jude Mitchell David Zipser Unity of Action: Coordination of Movement Plans Between Oculomotor Areas. 2001-02 Asst. Professor
University of Rochester
Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Elizabeth Torres David Zipser Theoretical Framework for the Study of Sensory-Motor Integration. 2001-02 Postdoctoral Scholar
Dept. of Psychology
Nicole Wicha Elizabeth Bates Grammatical Gender on Real-Time Language Comprehension in Spanish: Behavioral and Electrophysiological Investigations. 2001-02 Assistant Professor
University of Texas, San Antonio
Dept. of Biology
Carrie Joyce Marta Kutas Saving Faces: using Eye Movement, ERP, and SCR Measures of Face Processing and Recognition to Investigate Eyewitness Identification. 2000-01
Kara Federmeier Marta Kutas Electrophysiological Investigations of Semantic Memory Organization and Use. 1999-00 Professor
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Barbara Holder Edwin L. Hutchins Cognition in Flight: Understanding Cockpits as Cognitive Systems. 1999-00 Lead Scientist
The Boeing Company
Commercial Airlines Group
Flight Deck Concept Center
Adrian Robert Martin I. Sereno Lamination and Within-Area Integration in the Neocortex. 1999-00 Software Developer
Natural Designs Software
Marissa Westerfield Jaime A Pineda The Role of the Cerebellum in Visual Spatial Attention: An Event-Related Potential Study 1999-00 Assistant Project Scientist
UC San Diego
Inst. for Neural Computation
Scott Farrar David Zipser Neural Network Models of the Brain Mechanisms of Bilateral Coordination. 1998-99
Christopher Fry John Batali A Source-Filter Model of Birdsong Production 1998-99 Senior VP
Jay Moody Jeffrey Elman Visualizing Speech with a Recurrent Neural Network Trained on Human Acoustic-Articulatory Data. 1998-99 Independent Innovator & Entrepreneur
Design Thinking
Thomas Rebotier David Kirsh Vision and Imagery: The Role of Cortical Attractor Dynamics. 1998-99 Consultant
Paul Rodriguez Jeffrey Elman Mathematical Foundations of Recurrent Neural Networks in Language Processing. 1998-99 Research Programmer/Analyst
UC San Diego
San Diego Super Computer
Giorgio Ganis Martin I. Sereno/Marta kutas An Electrophysiological Analysis of Semantic Context Effects on Object Identification. 1997-98 Assistant Professor
Plymouth University
Harvard Medical School
MA General Hospital
Randy Gobbel Martin I. Sereno The Role of the Neostriatum in the Execution of Action Sequences. 1997-98 Director of Engineering
CollabRx, Inc
Michael Gray Javier Movellan
Terrence Sejnowski
Unsupervised Statistical Methods for Processing of Image Sequences. 1997-98
Lucy Hadden John Batali How to Tell your Mother from a Bush: A Model of Predispositions and Filial Imprinting in Domestic Chicks. 1997-98
Daniel Herron Elizabeth Bates Context, Word-class, and Prosody in the Recognition of Open and Closed-class words. 1997-98 Principle Lead Software Engineer
Operating Systems Group
Nili Mandelblit Gilles Fauconnier Grammatical Blending: Creative and Schematic Aspects in Sentence Processing and Translation. 1997-98 Programs Director
Israel Europe R&D Directorate
Michael Oliphant Jeffrey Elman Formal Approaches to Innate and Learned Communication: Laying the Foundation for Language. 1997-98 Chief Technology Officer
DefenseWeb Technologies
4150 Mission Blvd., Suite 220
San Diego, CA 92109
Seana Coulson Gilles Fauconnier Semantic Leaps: The Role of Conceptual Blending in Meaning Construction. 1996-97 Professor
UC San Diego
Dept. of Cognitive Science
Kevin Haynes David Zipser A Model of Motion Detection in Primate Primary Visual Cortex. 1996-97 Senior Information Security Engineer
Premera Blue Cross
Sohie Lee David Zipser The Representation, Storage and Retrieval of Reaching Movement Information in Motor Cortex. 1996-97 Senior Instructor
Wellesley College
Computer Science
Hua Liu Elizabeth Bates Lexical Access and Differential Processing in Nouns and Verbs in a second language. 1996-97
Monica Paolini Martin I. Sereno Motion Processing in the California Ground Squirrel Extrastriate Cortex . A Temporal and Spatial Analysis Using Reverse Correlation Methods. 1996-97 President
Senza Fili Consultants
Seattle, WA
Dan Gruen Donald A. Norman
Aaron Cicourel
The Role of External Resources in the Management of Multiple Activities. 1995-96 Research Scientist
IBM Watson Research Center
Christine Halverson Edwin L. Hutchins Inside the Cognitive Workplace; New Technology and Air Traffic Control. 1995-96 Research Staff
IBM Watson Research Center
Paul Maglio David Kirsh The Computational Basis of Interactive Skill. 1995-96 Professor
UC Merced
School of Engineering
Kechen Zhang Martin I. Sereno Neural Dynamics of World - Centered Spatial Representations. 1995-96 Assistant Professor
Johns Hopkins University
Biomedical Engineering & Neuroscience
Nick Flor Edwin L. Hutchins Dynamic Organization in Multi-Agent Distributed Cognitive Systems. 1994-95 Faculty Chair
University of New Mexico
Anderson School of Management
Ken Baldwin Marta Kutas An Event-Related Brain Potential Analysis of Implicit, Structured Sequence Learning. 1993-94 Senior Scientist
Center Space Software/Music Strands
Anders Dale Martin I. Sereno Source Localization and Spatial Discriminant Analysis of Event-Related Potentials; Linear Approaches. 1993-94 Professor
UC San Diego
Dept. of Neuroscience
Mike Kalish Jeffrey Elman Information Integration: An Ecological and Connectionist Approach. 1993-94 Professor
Syracuse University
Department of Psychology
Jiajie Zhang Donald A. Norman Distributed Representation: The Interaction Between Internal and External Information. 1991-92 Dr. Doris L. Ross Professor & Dean
University of Texas, Houston
School of Biomedical Informatics