SDSU Foundations of Neuroimaging (PSY 569/769)

Fall 2020

[posted as recorded]

lecture01 -- Introduction to Class
lecture02 -- Hardware, Quantum Mechanics, Spin vs. Precession
lecture03 -- Dot/Cross/Complex Vector Products
lecture03b -- How Precession Works

lecture04 -- Bloch Equation1: Precession, T2 Decay, T1 Decay/Regrowth
lecture05 -- Bloch Equation2: How to Solve Simple Differential Equations
lecture06 -- Bloch Equation3: T1 Solution, Bloch Summary, Simple Matrix Operations
lecture06b -- Bloch Equation4: Matrix Version of Equations and Solutions

lecture07 -- RF Coils: Stimulate and Record
lecture08 -- Signal Equation
lecture08b -- Spectroscopy Analogy (Garden Path!) and the Origin of MRI

lecture09 -- Phase-Sensitive Detection
lecture10 -- Free Induction Decay, T2 Decay versus T2* Decay
lecture11 -- Spin Echo, Spin Echo Amplitude
lecture11b -- 3 RF Pulses: Spin Echo and Stimulated Echo Trains

lecture12 -- Gradient Echo, Begin Tissue Contrast: Saturation-Recovery
lecture13 -- Inversion Recovery, Spin Echo Pulse Sequence
lecture14 -- Fast Gradient Echo, Signal-to-Noise
lecture14b -- Extended Phase Graphs, MDEFT sequence

lecture15 -- Fourier Transform #1: Complex Multiply, FT of Real Sig as 2 Correlations

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