SDSU Systems Neuroscience (PSY 568/768)

Spring 2020

[lectures posted as delivered]

lecture01 -- Introduction, Folk Theories of Brain Function
lecture02 -- Resting Potential, Nernst Equation, Neurons

lecture03 -- Action Potential, Voltage-Gated Channels
lecture04 -- Voltage-Sensitive Dendritic Currents, Transient Ca++, Bursting
lecture05 -- Post-Synaptic Potentials, Chan. Families, NMDA Chan., LTP/STDP
lecture05b -- Hodgkin-Huxley, Integrate-and-Fire Models

lecture06 -- Simple Circuits, Cable Theory, Dendritic Current Flow
lecture07 -- Hebbian Model of the Origin of Orientation Selectivity
lecture08 -- Simple Attractor Networks, Energy Analysis
lecture08b -- Covariance/Eigenvector Analysis of Hebbian Learning

lecture09 -- Early Development: Blastula, Gastrula, Neurula, Eyes
lecture10 -- Later Development: 4th Ventricle, Brainstem, Rule of Sereno
lecture11 -- Later Development: Forebrain, Gyrification, Areas
lecture11b -- Cortex Development: Subplate, Cortical Plate, Reeler

lecture12 -- Retinal Circuity, Visual Streams, Direction Selectivity
lecture13 -- Retina to dLGN as an Approximately Conformal Map
lecture14 -- Visual Cortical Maps (V1,V2,MT), Visual Fieldsign
lecture14b -- S/V Transplant, Mutant Belgian Sheepdog, Back Propagation

lecture15 -- Orientation, and Direction Streams in V1
lecture16 -- V1 Physiology: Simple/Complex/Hypercomplex Midterm1 Review
1st midterm

lecture17 -- Gabor Filters, Aperture Problem for Pattern Translation
lecture18 -- Complex Motion in MSTd, Position Invariance, Contour Analog
lecture19 -- V4 Attention, Stimulus Competition, Init Feedforward Pass
lecture19b -- Aperture Model Review, Horn and Schunck Gradient Model

lecture20 -- IT Ctx, Somatosensory Receptors, Spinal Cord, Laminae of Rexed
lecture21 -- Muscle Spindle Operation, Somatosensory Ascending Pathways
lecture22 -- Somatosensory Cortex, Somatosensory Plasticity
lecture22b -- All Visual Areas, Evolution of Visual Areas

lecture23 -- Auditory Hair Cell Receptors, Cochlea/Vestib/LateralLine
[Mar17: begin lockdown]
Mar18: lecture24 -- Cochlear Transduction, 1D vs. 2D, Auditory Brainstem Nuclei
Mar20: lecture25 -- Cochlear Nuclei, Owl Auditory Brainstem Connections
Mar20: lecture25b -- Horn/Schunck Line Processes, Stereo Aperture Problem

Mar23: lecture26 -- Nucleus Laminaris Binaural Coincidence Detection
Mar25: lecture27 -- Construction of the Auditory Space Map in ICx
Mar27: lecture28 -- Bat Echolocation and Speech Sounds
Mar27: lecture28b -- Trading Relations, Auditory Thalamus/Cortex, Pitch

Spring Break

Apr06: lecture29 -- Stabilizing Eye Movements: VOR, OKN, Pursuit
Apr08: lecture30 -- Superior Colliculus: Double-Step Saccade Remapping
Apr10: lecture31 -- Multisensory Map Alignment, Preemptive Updating
Apr10: lecture31b -- Human VIP fMRI: Face-Centered Visual Remapping

Apr13: lecture32 -- Motor System Overview, Evolution of Pattern Generators
Apr15: lecture33 -- Motor Cortex Organization and Function, Midterm2 Review
2nd midterm

Apr20: lecture34 -- Cerebellum Structure, Fractured Maps, Classical Conditioning
Apr22: lecture35 -- Striatum Diagrams, Hierarchical Motor Behavior, Up/Down State
Apr24: lecture36 -- Limbic System Summary Diagram, Olfactory, Limbic Function
Apr24: lecture36b -- Primate/Human Evol, Ape Lang, Birdsong, Language Preadaption #1

Apr27: lecture37 -- Hippocampus Anatomy, Place Cells, H.M., Intermediate Term Memory
Apr29: lecture38 -- Place Cell, Head Direction Cell, and Grid Cell Experiments
May01: lecture39 -- Cortical Sources of EEG/MEG, MRI Hardware, MRI Bloch Equation
May01: lecture39b -- Language and Scene Comprehension, Language Preadaptation #2

May04: lecture40 -- Fourier Transform in Relation to MRI Image Formation
May06: lecture41 -- Comprehensive Review of the Course
May08: Zoom Review

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