Cognitive Science 170
Natural and Artificial Symbol-Using Systems

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Question: (2-4 pages).

The second two-thirds of this course compared the internal information processing architecture of cells and persons. Specifically, we examined (1) the system in each living cell that constructs and maintains a metabolic network starting with DNA code strings, and (2) the less-well-understood system in humans that generates and maintains the neural activity patterns underlying human-style comprehension of linguistic discourses from strings of speech sounds.

The assignment is to discuss how the systems are similar and different. You must make at least four substantive points in the 2-4 pages (about one point per page). You have to mention both similarities and differences. Concentrate on comparisons at the architectural level, not trivial differences like the difference in the size of the two systems.

due Dec 8 (final day) under my office door, CSB 171