Gilles Fauconnier



Date of birth: August 19 1944
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Docteur ès Lettres et Sciences Humaines (mention très honorable), University of Paris VII, 1976.
Doctorate in linguistics, University of Paris VIII, 1973.
Ph.D. in linguistics, University of California San Diego, 1971.
D.E.A. in mathematics (mathematical logic and algebra of categories), University of Paris, 1967.
Engineering Degree (mathematics and physics), Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, 1965. 

Professional positions   

Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Department of Cognitive Science, University of California San Diego, 2013-present

Distinguished Research Professor, Department of Cognitive Science, University of California San Diego, 2008-2012

Distinguished Professor, Department of Cognitive Science, University of California San Diego, 1988-2008. 

Professor, Department of Cognitive Science, University of California San Diego, 1988-2002. 

Professor, Department of Language Sciences, University of Paris VIII, 1978-1987. 

Director of Studies, Chair Logic and Syntax of Natural Language, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris, 1980-1987. 

Professor, International Institute of Linguistics, Ecole Normale Superieure de Rabat, summer 1982 and 1983. 

Professor, Ecole Polytechique, Paris. 1980-1981. 

Professor, International Institute of Linguistics, Tunis, summer 1976, 1977, 1979. 

Research Scientist, National Center for Scientific Research, Paris, 1966-1978.

Academic distinctions, scholarships 

2002  Distinguished Professor, University of California
1999 - 2000   Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences
1999 Fellowship, American Philosophical Society
1998 Guggenheim Fellowship
1984 Fulbright scholar.
1974 Mathematical Social Science Board, Institute of Linguistics, Linguistic Society of America.
1969 Fellow, American Council of Learned Societies.
1969 Scholarship, Alliance française de New York.
1970 Scholarship, Alliance française de New York.
1968 Fulbright scholar
1964 Scholarship, Association des Lauréats du Concours Général, European Forum of Alpbach, Austria.
1961 Laureate of the Concours Général ( nationwide academic competition in France), Mathematics and English. 

Editorial boards of book series and professional journals 

Cognitive Theory of Language and Culture, Co-Editor, University of Chicago Press, 1993-1998, Advances in Cognitive Linguistics, Cognition (1979-1988), Cognitive Science (1989-2000), Cognitive Linguistics (1992-2002), Journal of Semantics (1981-1992), Journal of the Linguistic Society of Japan, Linguistic Inquiry (1974-1981), Mental Space Lab, Linguisticae Investigationes, Linguistics and Philosophy (1983-1993), Papers in Pragmatics (1988-92), Recherches Linguistiques, Semantikos (1975-1990), Issues of Cognitive Linguistics. 

Memberships, Professional Society Appointments
and Administrative Responsibilities 

Scientific Committee.  Colloque de l'Association Française de Linguistique Cognitive.  2008-2009.
Scientific Committee. Language, Communication, Cognition. 2006-2007.
Chair, Department of Cognitive Science, University of California San Diego, 1998-2001.
Organizing committee, Western Humanities Centers Alliance Annual Conference.
International Program Committee. Context-99
International Program Committee. Computation for Metaphors, Analogy and Agents. Aizu, Japan.
Advisory board. Conceptual Structure, Discourse and Language.
Symposium organizer. Cognitive Science Society, San Diego, 1996.
Co-organizer, Conference 'Conceptual Structure, Discourse and Language', San Diego, 1994.
Panel organizer, International Pragmatics Association, Kobe, Japan, 1993
Co-organizer of the Workshop on Mental Spaces and Grammar, UCSD, 1991
International Conference Committee, International Pragmatics Association 1989-90
International Program Committee, Knowledge Modeling and Expertise Transfer, 1991
Director, Research Center C.E.L.I.T.H., Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, 1986-1988.
Director, Research group Pragmatics and Cognitive Linguistics, University of Paris, 1984-1988.
Member, Research Group on Cognition, National Center for Scientific Research, Paris.
Co-organizer of the Colloquium Recent Trends in Semantic Theory, Centro Internazionale di Semiotica e Linguistica, Urbino, Italy, 1983.
Reviewer, National Science Foundation (evaluation of research projects in Linguistics, Human Cognition and Perception, Knowledge Models and Cognitive Systems).
Chairman, Graduate Program in Linguistics and Language Sciences, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, 1981-1984.
Member, Electoral College, National Center for Scientific Research, Paris. (until 1988)
Member (elected), Organization committee, Assises Nationales de la Linguistique.
Member (elected), Scientific Council of the University of Paris VIII. (until 1988)
Chairman, Department of Language Sciences, University of Paris VIII, 1979-1981 and 1985-1986.
Co-organizer, Linguistics Colloquium of the University of Paris VIII at the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, 1981.
Member of the Board of the Association des Sciences du Langage.
Member, Advisory Board, International Pragmatics Association, until 1997.
Member, American Association for the Advancement of Science, section Z, until 2000.
Member, Cognitive Science Society.
Member, International Cognitive Linguistics Association.
Co-organizer, International Semantics Round Table, Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, Paris, 1977.
Coordinator, International Institute of Linguistics, 1977.

Recent public lectures and presentations

Invited Plenary Lectures

Cognitive Linguistics and Pragmatics: Theory and Practice
Nanjing, China
October 2014

Bangor Summer School in Cognitive Linguistics
Bangor, UK
July 2013

Japanese Cognitive Linguistics Association XIII
September 2012

UK Cognitive Linguistics Conference
King's College, London
July 2012

Slavic Cognitive Linguistics Conference
American University, Washington, DC
October 14-16, 2011

Language, Discourse, and Cognition
Taipei, Taiwan
April 29 - May 1, 2011

Semiotics, Cognitive Science, and Mathematics
Fields Institute of Mathematics
Toronto, Canada
March 14 - 18, 2011

Constructions and Compression
Frames and Constructions - Fillmorefest
Berkeley, California
August 2009

Constructions Intégrantes
Association Française de Linguistique Cognitive
Paris, May 2009

Alternative Counterfactuals
High Desert Linguistic Society
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque
November 2008

How Compression Gives Rise to Metaphor and Metonymy
Conceptual Structure, Discourse, and Language
Case Western University
October 2008

Outstanding scientist series of 10 lectures in 5 Beijing universities
May 2008

Symposium Shakespeare and the Blending Mind
John B. Hurford Humanities Center
Haverford College, April 2008.

Causal Compressions and Alternative Spaces
International Workshop on Conditionals and Inference
University of Tokyo, October 2007.

Colloque International de Linguistique - Faire Signe
Carré des Sciences, Paris, France, October 2006.

Russian Cognitive Linguistics Association
Tambov, Russia, September 2006.

First UK Post-graduate Conference in Cognitive Linguistics
Brighton, UK, May 2006.

Symposium on Language and Cognition
University of Sussex, UK, May 2006.

Chinese Cognitive Linguistics Association
Nanjing, China, May 2006.

Ninth International Cognitive Linguistics Conference
Seoul, Korea, July 2005.

International Symposium: Philosophical Foundations of Cognitive Linguistics.
University of Tokyo, Japan, July 2005.

International Symposium:  Behavioral Science of Space
University of Kyoto, Japan, December 2004. 

Ninth International Conference on Chinese Language and Linguistics
National Taiwan University, Taipei, November 2004. 

Second National Cognitive Linguistics Conference
Suzhou University
China, October 2002. 

Fifth Rasmus Rask Colloquium
The Way We Think: The Nature and Origin of Cognitively Modern Human Beings
University of Southern Denmark (jointly and in absentia), August 2002 

Double Scope Compression of Vital Relations
International Cognitive Linguistics Conference
Santa Barbara, California, July 22-27, 2001. 

Theoretical Aspects of Conceptual Integration as a Cognitive Process
Models, Maps, Schemata
Congress of the Nordic Association for Semiotic Studies
 Copenhagen, November 23-25, 2000. 

University of Southern California Workshop
The Embodied Mind: Cognitive Metaphor Theory and the Humanities
Los Angeles, October 13-14, 2000. 

 Double-scope creativity
 International Conference on the mind, "La Mente"
 Urbino, Italy, April 12-16, 2000. 

 Dynamics of Meaning Construction
 Trento, Italy, September 8-11 2000 

 Grammar and Imagination
 Levels of Representation in Discourse
 Human Communication Research Center
 Edinburgh, July 1999 

The Great Chain of Blending
Conceptual Structure, Discourse, and Language IV
Emory University, Atlanta, 10-12 October 1998. 

Analogy and Conceptual Integration
Advances in Analogy Research
Central and Eastern European Center for Cognitive Science
Sofia, Bulgaria, July 1998. 

Conceptual Systems and Cognitive Operations
Natural Cognition
Institut des Sciences Cognitives, Opening Conference
Lyon, France, 23-25 April 1998. 

Gradients of Creativity (plenary address)
Languaging Conference
University of North Texas, Denton, January 1998. 

Symposium II: Language and Literature
Are Computers Approaching Human-Level Creativity?
Stanford University, October 1997. 

Methods and Generalizations. (plenary lecture)
International Cognitive Linguistics Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 1997. 

Conceptual Structure, Discourse and Language, Panel, Boulder, Colorado, May 1997. 

Symposium on Cognitive Linguistics. Eighteenth Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society. University of California San Diego, July 1996. 

Principles of Conceptual Integration
Conceptual Structure, Language and Discourse. University of Buffalo, April 1996. 

International Cognitive Linguistics Association
University of New Mexico, July 1995. 

Society for Text and Discourse. Albuquerque, New Mexico, July 1995. 

First International Institute of Cognitive Science
Buffalo, July 1994.

Invited series of lectures 

Universities of Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan
November 2011

Summer Institute of the Linguistic Society of America, University of California, Berkeley.
July 2009.

Summer School: New Advances in Cognitive Linguistics
Fujian Normal University, China, July 2007.

University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
June 2007.

Department of Language and Information Science
University of Tokyo, July 2005.

Department of Language and Information Science
University of Tokyo, December 2004 

Graduate Linguistics Center
National Taiwan University, November 2004 

Center for Semiotics
 University of Aarhus, Denmark
 22-30 November 2000 

 Meaning, Grammar, and Imagination
Linguistic Society of Japan
Series of five plenary lectures, Tokyo
 22-26 August 2000 

 Kansai Linguistic Society
 Series of lectures, Kobe
 29-30 August 2000 

Mappings in Thought and Language
Fifth International Summer School in Cognitive Science
Sofia, Central and Eastern European Center for Cognitive Science
13-21 July 1998 

Lecture series in Cognitive Science - Metaphor and Analogy
Istituto Trentino di Cultura (ITC)
Istituto per la Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica (IRST), Povo, Trento (Italy)
18-21 June 1997 

Regent's College, London, U.K., Information-Theoretic Approaches to Logic, Language, and Computation. July 1996.
Cognitive semantics. 

University of Stockholm, Sweden. February 1996.
Cognitive mappings. 

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft, Universität des Saarlandes. September 1995. 

Summer Institute of the Linguistic Society of America, University of New Mexico.
July-August 1995. (Visiting Professor). 

School of Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence, Bolzano, Italy, October 1995.

Invited Speaker Series Presentations 

Penn State University, April 2011.

Shanghai Normal University, June 2007.

Magic, Time, and Money: living in conceptual blends
Cognitive Science
Northwestern University, May 2001. 

Conceptual Integration Networks
University of Copenhagen, November 2000. 

Double Scope Creativity
Stanford University Linguistics Department, March 2000. 

The Construction of Meaning, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences. Stanford, February 2000.University of Uppsala, Sweden, February 1996. 

Cognitive Science and Philosophy. University of California, San Diego, June 1995. 

Conceptions of Identity. Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences. Stanford, April 1995. 

University of Pisa, Italy, June 1994. 

Projections Cognitives. CREA, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, France, May 1994.

Workshop and Conference Presentations

Causal connectives in discourse and cognition - an international workshop, UC Berkeley, April 2007.
Workshop on Conditionals, University of California Berkeley, October 2003.
Workshop on the Governing Principles of Integration, Conceptual Structure and Discourse V, Santa Barbara, California.  2000.
Fake guns and stone lions. (with S. Coulson). Conference on Conceptual Structure and Discourse. Boulder, Colorado. 1997.
Manifestations linguistiques de l'intégration conceptuelle. Diversité des langues et représentations cognitives. Ecole Normale Supérieure. Paris, France. November 1996.
From Lexicon to Text: The Computational and Theoretical Issues in Inference and
Representation. Courmayeur, Italy. September 1996.
The Role of Metonymy in Conceptual Integration. Cognitive Domains: Metonymies and Image Schemas. Cognitive Science Program at Hamburg University, Germany. June 1996.
Optimality Constraints on Conceptual Integration. Cognitive Linguistics Workshop. University of California Berkeley. January 1996.
Blending as a Central Process of Grammar (with M. Turner). Conference on Conceptual Structure and Discourse. UCSD. November 1994.