Patterns in the Retrosplenial Cortex

Retrosplenial cortex and hippocampal CA1 neurons were recorded as animals circumnavigated a plus-shaped pathway. In these panels the positional firing rates of retrosplenial neurons (left) and CA1 neurons (right) are color-mapped (low-white, high-black). Each neuron’s positional rate vector for the full run (x-axis) has been rotated to the ‘point of symmetry' on the maze where the firing pattern over the preceding and subsequent halves of the track are the most similar.  Retrosplenial populations exhibit recursion in patterning for all distances from the point of symmetry (center of x-axis). Such patterning is much weaker for CA1 neuron populations. The result indicates that retrosplenial populations effectively generate a map of distance from any given track location of the animal to ALL other track locations.

retrosplenial cortex